5 Summer Clothes Must Haves I Swear By For 2018/2019

By Gal Dagan | Trends | 16/10/18

Every year when I’m going through my summer wardrobe to see what items I can throw out and what I can hold on to for the coming season, I encounter the same old summer clothes I wear year after year - a pair of shorts, a black short sleeved t-shirt (yeah, I’m one of those) and a few lightweight summer dresses. Of course there’s nothing wrong with these wardrobe staples, I mean, to be honest I probably wear those more than I wear anything else during the summer (plus my swimwear, obviously). But for some reason or other this year I’ve been wanting to push out of my comfort zone and reinvent my summer wardrobe (at least parts of it).

So, I headed out on a massive research - university style - to find out what key items the people are wearing this year. And no, this isn’t a trend forecast, but rather an item forecast: these are the summer clothes you’ll want to wear, regardless of trendy colours, all-over patterns, logo prints or types of clothing materials.

For your consideration, my Top 5

  1. Denim skirt

  2. Oversized white tee

  3. Bermudas

  4. Lightweight fitted pants

  5. Boiler suits

summer outfits

2018/2019 Summer Outfits Essentials

Same type of clothing material, but a different style

What’s better than a denim skirt for your summer outfits? I can’t think of anything. You can wear yours day after day after day, and wash it only once every two weeks or so. It’s perfect for your travels, it’s ideal for a run into the city and just right for a casual lunch with a friend. Swap your tired old shorts for a skirt this season and you won’t regret it.

Recommendation light washed, mom style or high waisted
How to wear a cropped short sleeved shirt and a pair of havaians thongs

Oversized above anything else

I’m not sure about you, but I love wearing oversized shirts to bed. TMI? Oops, my bad. Anyhow, this style is now celebrated outside of your bed, too. Go with a white short sleeved t-shirt with a bit of a print on it. Either crisp white or with a small logo or another graphic print is the way to go.

Recommendation we’re still logofying everything
How to wear pair of biker shorts (not a personal favourite) or a pleated midi skirt and dad sneakers

Out with the shorts, in with the bermudas

Forget shorts for a while - bermudas are your new go-to’s.  Forget chafing your upper legs, forget feeling uncomfortable in a pair of tight shorts - forget it all! A pair of bermuda's will solve it all and will give your summer outfits a cool French girl vibe.

Recommendation overlook denim, experiment with other materials
How to wear cami top, thongs and a saddle bag

Types of clothing material

Lightweight’s the key

The last thing I want is to be sweating like crazy, no matter what I’m wearing. Which is why lightweight is the basis for this season’s summer clothes. Types of clothing material you could wear include cotton, linen and chiffon and you’re sure to find plenty of those around. A pair of fitted linen pants couldn’t sound any better, could it?

Recommendation cropped, high waisted or cigarette style
How to wear cream tunic, pair of mules and a netted bag

Suit it up

Masculine or feminine lines, patterned or in a singular colour, suits are in this summer. But the one I’m loving best is the boiler suit. Pick a soft colour or go for crisp white but whichever you choose, make sure it’s high waisted for the best looking results.

Recommendation white. white? white!
How to wear midi heels, a shoulder bag

Kick your prepping into gear with one of these summer clothes essentials for 2018/2019 and you’re sure to rock the runway street.

Not sure where to shop all these wonderful items? Net-A-Porter is your go-to shop for all of your summer necessities. Have a look & get inspired.

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