5 Spring Outfits Trends You Will See Everywhere in 2019

By Gal Dagan | Sponsored | Trends | Ads Disclosure | 17/06/19

With Fashion Week just over and the dark winter months looming over us, there’s nothing better than a quick look into the (sunny) future to pick us up and transform our mood from cranky winter to happy spring. With that in mind, there’s truly nothing else I could talk to you about this week than a good ol' trend roundup and spring outfits inspiration, right? I agree.

5 Spring Outfits Trends You Will See Everywhere in 2019

So, let’s get going on our 2019 Spring Trends Roundup!

  • Back to our roots

Oh Mother Nature, you’re our inspiration for SS19! Earthy tones are everywhere. Get down-to-earth with shades of clay, terracotta and sands. In more practical terms, beige clothing is your go-to.

It’s perfect for spring office styles, just have a look. Workwear isn’t only black, navy blue & grey. Throw some beige in there to mix things up and warm up your look.

Spring Outfits Trends
  • Take it up a notch

Mini’s back like it has never disappeared before. Want to feel like you’re 25 (again)? Grab a mini dress (or skirt) to feel a wave of youthfulness wash over you like in the ‘90s for 2019-trendy spring outfits.

Perfect for your day in the city, simply find your favourite mini denim skirt, pair with a white top and a pair of sandals for an effortlessly young look.

5 Spring Outfits Trends You Will See Everywhere in 2019
  • You better make it practical

Utility has taken over the fashion world by storm in 2019 and through spring we’ll be continuing to see the same. Whatever you’re wearing, you better make it practical.

Spring Outfits Trends

Cargo pants, straight cuts, and khaki. Lots of khaki. All over.

  • It’s in the bucket

Your next go-to accessory you never thought would be trendy and you’d actually like it? Yeah. I’m not kidding. The bucket hat follows the baker hat of 2018 as the accessory your spring outfits cannot miss. Have I already mentioned ‘90s are back?

  • Bike away

They’re back. You (and I) naively thought they’d stay behind in 2018 but ohhhh no. I have to be honest here and tell you that out of all the (sometimes ridiculous) trends we’ve had over the past five years, there’s no trend I am against more than bike shorts. But yeah. To each their own, right?

5 Spring Outfits Trends You Will See Everywhere in 2019

If you love this style, I’d suggest mixing with formal cuts for an interesting look. Try a blazer + formal shirt, and a pair of ankle boots.

Spring Outfits Trends

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Please do tell, which one’s your favourite? Show us your spring outfits, tag us @fashiola_ on Instagram or tell us below.

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