What You’ll Be Wearing this SPRING

By Gal Dagan | Trends | 16/10/19

Fashion Month is over and we can’t thank our lucky stars enough for the new inspiration the fashion weeks in Europe have brought us for spring fashion. As per usual in the fashion scene, fashion weeks are always ahead of time and thus giving us plenty of time to collect, analyze and pick our favourite trends for the upcoming season.  Enjoy your winter coats, sweaters and boots as long as you can because we all know spring comes soon enough. Without further ado, here are my favourite fashion trends of Spring. 

What You’ll Be Wearing this SPRING

What are the Spring Fashion Trends for 2019? 

Fashion week
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Even though we mainly get loads of our inspiration from American or European designers, Aussie designers are continuing to showcase their talents and show us why we should be proud of our fashion scene. With massive brands such as Camilla & Marcs and alice McCALL alongside emerging designers such as Blair Archibald and I.am.Gia and established designers as Albus Lumen and Bianca Spender. With so many talented souls around, this year’s fashion week promised to be a good one.

My 5 Favourite Runway 2018 Trends

  1. Brown
  2. Statement sleeves
  3. Pastels
  4. Contrasting straps
  5. White

  • Brown

Find your favourite shade: tobacco, toffee, terracotta, chocolate, mud. Whichever you choose you’re on trend with brown this spring. Wear a brown flowy maxi dress with a pair of black sandal heels for your spring look.

  • Statement sleeves

Make a statement with bishop sleeves (or balloon sleeves) and puff sleeves this spring. Wear a crop top or a blouse with these sleeves.

  • Pastels

It wouldn’t be spring without pastels, would it? Wear your spring dresses in pastels for a casual spring outfit.

What You’ll Be Wearing this SPRING
  • Beige and Off-White

Another spring fashion classic, white is always on-trend during spring and summer.

Fashion week X streetwear fashion trends 2018

We all know it truly all happens on the streets of fashion week. All the IT-girls, the editors, the musicians, the models, the actors.. they know what you should wear (or rather, their stylist) this spring. The 2018 trends you must take away from the streets (and their stylist) are..

My 5 Favourite Runway 2018 Trends

  1. Logos

  2. Flowers

  3. Suits

  4. Tartan

  5. Baby pink

  • Logos

The logomania isn’t leaving anytime soon. Find any clothing item you’re loving and add a logo to it. Whether it’s your bag or your jacket, logo it up!

  • Animal Print

Fashion goes in circles, circles, circles.. and Animal print is now back around as one of the fashion trends 2019 is serving us. 

  • Summer Suit

It’s business time! Aussie it-girls are loving the masculine on feminine play with loose fitted suits in cotton or linen, preferably in a pastel colour for their spring fashion.

  • Check Prints

Tartan’s, plaid and any other check prints are back! Wear a pair of tartan trousers, tartan heels or go for a massive American/EU trend: the plastic tartan trench coat.

  • Neon

No, you don't need to look like a walking highlighter to rock this illuminating, neon trend, it's all about subtle details.

With all these spring fashion trends it’s necessary to analyze and pick the ones that work best for you. Choose your top 5 and play around with key pieces you can keep forever, or find spring fashion items you’ll love to wear just this season. Let us know in the comments which one’s your absolute favourite and how you plan to wear it!

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