Men’s Trends: 2019 Sneaker News

By Sophie Tarif | Trends | Ads Disclosure | 03/06/19

A new season means a new trend round up, and this time we’re focusing on one item you’ll wear year-round, through winter and summer: sneakers. It’s time for some much needed sneaker news to get you up to speed with the hottest trends of 2019. So, what are the must have sneakers of the year? There’s a bunch of new collections coming out and though we’ve brought along some trends from last year there’s also a lot of new ones to discover.

Men’s sneaker trends for 2019:

  • Back to basic

  • Sweet in suede

  • Platform sneakers

  • Colour up

Men’s Trends: 2019 Sneaker News

2019 Men’s Sneaker News Round Up


Back to basics 

There’s a bunch of crazy new things coming out as designers try to mix and experiment with new materials and designs, which is fun! But sometimes what you need is a basic pair of sneakers that’d go with anything and everything in your wardrobe. One pair which immediately comes to mind is adidas’ Stan Smiths; a pair of white sneakers with a small splash of colour is all you need as minimalism emerges as a key trend in 2019.

White sneakers are always the right choice; in winter they give this clean, fresh look, and in summer, they’re your go-to lightweight outfit addition. Keep an eye out for these athletic sneakers as they come in handy in every situation.

Sweet in suede

This one’s a winner for winter, as it keeps you warm and fashionable at the same time. A pair of suede sneakers is cool. Whether you go all-in or prefer to choose a pair with some suede incorporated, hey, you’ll be on trend - that’s for sure. Another aspect we’re loving about suede sneakers is that it’s business casual and you can easily style them with a pair of fitted formal pants and a white long sleeved shirt. It’s really easy as that.

Men’s Trends: 2019 Sneaker News

Chunky sneakers

If you're like me, you’re a bit over this dad sneakers trend. I’ve got to be honest - I’ve never been the biggest fan of these massive platform sneakers with weird designs. But the good news is that I might not be the only one! The new collections might feature a platform but the over-the-top designs are out (thank god). I like the platform sneakers as even if it’s not immediately visible it gives you a bit of a push, and some of us might need it.

Colour it up

For those who get bored of a plain white sneaker, you're getting what you’re wishing for! Colour is back in style. Mix a couple in one pair a la rainbow style, or choose one colour and stick to it. A big yes this year is neon (yellow, blue, green) but if that’s just a tad too much you can easily opt for a simple blue or green. It’s all good.

Some sneaker news which aren’t yet a trend but we’re envisioning to take over at some point:

  • Sock sneakers: keep your feet warm in a sock + boot + sneaker combo.

  • Tennis shoes + velcro: yes, you’re reading this correctly, we’re throwing it back to your childhood.

  • Vintage: no matter how far back you throw it, it’s alright. Favourites include high-tops Converse or Vans.

There's always more sneaker news to discover so don't forget to check back every season to discover what sneakers are trending!

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