Minimalist Design: The Art of Jewellery Stacking

By Gal Dagan | Trends | 19/03/19

In today’s fashion world, unique, personalized & custom are key words - no matter what you’re shopping for. Whether that’s a brand new tote bag with your initials engraved on it, a customized phone case or a pair of pants made per your measurements, we love to show off our individuality. The jewellery stacking trend fits right in with this phenomenon: you can mix & match, create fantastic jewellery looks, and best of all: no one, no one in the world, will have the exact same combination of items.

Jewellery stacking celebrates well, us and our very own styles. There’s no better way to show off what you’re about than layering your jewellery according to YOUR liking.

What I love most about this trend is the ability to use dainty, minimalist design jewellery to layer. I’m not much for massive, eye-catching accessories, and my jewellery isn’t any different. Give me a delicate, small, silver necklace or two and my heart overflows with happiness.

Though the art of jewellery stacking is all about you & your own taste, there are a few guidelines to think about when you’re stacking your jewellery look.

As such, here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re layering away.

Minimalist Design: The Art of Jewellery Stacking

The Art of Jewellery Stacking

Less is more

There’s no need to go overboard with jewellery layering: two or three are enough. Pick your favourite charm, a simple choker and a delicate chain for your layers: a lovely look in a second.

The Art of Jewellery Stacking

Play with lengths

If you’ve picked a choker, for example, for your second necklace go for a long pendant, and a medium length chain. Find the lengths that work for you and play with them.

The Art of Jewellery Stacking

Balance it out

If you’ve got a bit heavier situation going on with your necklaces, keep your arm candy simple: one bracelet could be enough.

The Art of Jewellery Stacking

Minimalist design favourites

Find here a selection of my personal favourites - I’m all about dainty silver necklaces, rings, earrings & bracelets.

How to style jewellery stacking every day

We're heading into winter, so here are two ways that you could style minimalist design jewellery layering into your every day looks; no matter where you're going, jewellery stacking will fit perfectly with your outfit.


How to Style Jewellery Stacking

Dressed up

How to Style Jewellery Stacking

Show me your favourite way to style jewellery stacking - tag us on Instagram @fashiola_ or comment below.

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