5 Autumn/Winter Men’s Style Trends for 2019

By Juuli Lilleberg | Trends | Ads Disclosure | 08/04/19

Colder weather is creeping upon us and we’ve got to get our wardrobe in gear and ready to go for winter. It’s time to dig up your autumn and winter wear and review whether you need anything new for this season. There’s a massive list of men’s style trends for 2019 and as I always say: cherry pick the ones you like & work for you. So, instead of bombarding you with a bazillion trends I’m simply going to present you a short list of trends you’re most likely to love and wear this season. Key focus in 2019? practicality.

5 Men’s Style Trends for 2019 we’re loving the most

  1. Leather on leather

  2. Utility

  3. Oversized coats

  4. Check print

  5. Corduroy

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Men’s 2019 Winter Wardrobe

Leather on leather

Leather’s always a good choice. Whether brand new or scoffed and worn out, there’s this interesting vibe to leather. It breaths cool, chic, but at the same time, nonchalant. In 2019, whether that’s a leather jacket, leather pants or leather boots - bring out the bold and laid-back in you with something leather.


With practicality as the focus, utility is vital for the autumn/winter 2019 men’s style. Wear inspired by working men dominated the runway with hiking boots styles, backpacks and lots of pockets on everything and anything are your go-to. Colours to focus on here are earthy tones, think of browns, beiges, dark greens and blues.

Oversized coats

Playing into the utility trend and the end-of-the-world vibes we’re getting from it, massive coats are a big yes this season. Hide from the world in an oversized coat - it doesn’t really matter what material you prefer. A puffer, a woolen coat or a leather trench coat, it all goes.

5 Autumn/Winter Men’s Style Trends for 2019

Check print

‘90s have been playing a huge part in fashion for the past year or so and we’re still not letting go of the past with the check print this winter. Go for the obvious grey and white checks or choose browns mixed with yellow, and then there’s also of course the famous Burberry trench coat check print you can opt for.


In line with the ‘90s vibes, corduroy is back, baby! Nothing says more I-don’t-care with a hint of I-actually-do. The best thing about corduroy? You can get a coat, a jacket, a pair of pants, a shirt, or all of them. Corduroy is here to stay; it’s not only going to be this season’s trend, so investing in a high quality piece now is a smart move.

These 5 are practically all the men’s style trends you need to get you through autumn and winter in 2019.

Which one is your favourite & what is one trend we’ll never see you in? Let me know in the comments!

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