How To Style Patched Jeans (The 2019 Jeans Trend You'll See Everywhere)

By Gal Dagan | Trends | 10/01/19

What’s going to be the one 2019 jeans trend you’re going to see everywhere? If it’s up to me, it’s probably the patched jeans. This year it’s all about either showing personality with your denim or keeping it completely clean. Either way, the ‘00s are coming back in full force this year so you can play with high-rise wide-leg fit jeans you used to love back then. Nostalgia, huh? So before I’m plunging into distant memories, let’s get to work -- read on to find out what this jeans style entails and discover some outfit ideas you’ll love.

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Patched Jeans - All The Details

So, what are actually patched jeans? Easy: take any pair of jeans you love, no matter the fit (see our jeans edit for more info on different fits) and personalize it to your liking with patches, embroidery and pockets.

3 Levels of Patched Jeans & Outfit Ideas

1. Beginner
You’re not quite sure about this style and though you’d love to personalize your denim a bit more, you don’t want to go crazy overboard.

> Your pick: a bright washed pair, loose fit jeans with some small patches/embroidery here and there.
> What to wear it with: a black wrap top, pair of red heels and a beige handbag.

Patched Jeans for Beginners
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2. Junior
You’re excited to experiment with different trends so you’re not afraid to go a bit further than a beginner. A bigger patch or bolder embroidery, perhaps!

> Your pick: a darker washed pair with a tighter fit, bold embroidery or bigger patches.
> What to wear it with: a nude cami, pair of bronze gold heels and a straw bucket bag.

Patched Jeans for Juniors

3. Senior
Your ‘00s heart is jumping with joy -- of course you should go for the over-the-top patched or embroidered loose fit jeans! The more the merrier, right?

> Your pick: middle washed pair, loose fit, patched almost everywhere.
> What to wear it with: a white polo shirt, brown leather belt, pair of black velvet ankle boots and a silver watch.

Patched Jeans for Seniors
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