How Much Should You Actually Spend On Fashion Trends?

By Gal Dagan | Trends | 07/11/18

LONG READ -- Trends come and go, we know this, we’ve been over this, we live this. Luxury brands love to recycle and update old styles for the new season and retailers follow. Take something that was trendy about 15-20 years ago, give it a bit of a restyle and there you’ve got it: next season’s must have. In today’s world where sustainability and recycling are at the forefront of conversation, spending so much on trends as we’ve been used to seems a bit silly, doesn’t it?

Do we actually need to spend so much money on one of the latest trends, a new it-bag, pair of sunglasses or a new coat every single season?

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My short answer: no.

My long answer: of course, depending on your budget you can determine how much of it you’d like to spend on trends and how much on essential key pieces that’ll make up the majority of your wardrobe. But going out and buying every new trendy seasonal must have item, pattern or colour - that’s just the old shopping style! Think about it: in a month or three the latest trends will be replaced by new ones and a part of your wardrobe will be useless (until it comes back into style, of course, in about 10 years).

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But, wait, does that mean we shouldn’t spend on trends at all?

Of course not! Trends are a part of the great fun fashion brings us everyday - completely ruling out shopping trends is just as silly as spending a bunch on a single trendy item.. right?

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So, what should we spend on fashion trends, in general?

Personally, I follow this rule: for every 3 key items, one trendy item.

And if I find there is another trend that’s just screaming hi, take me, I’ll treat myself to one more item. It can be hard to control myself, especially when online shopping because if you’re not holding the item in your hands it doesn’t *really* exist, and the money you spend isn’t *actually* spent..

But the other side of online shopping is that I can instantly make a decision regarding what fashion trends I do want to spend on - and the key items I do want to invest in!

Key essential wardrobe items

Regardless of your personal style, there are a few fashion items from luxury brands each woman just has to have. If you don’t, hold on spending your monthly budget on that trendy necklace - trust me, invest it in one of the below.

Sometimes key items are also turned into one of the latest trends - think the wide leg pants trend this year - and therefore I give myself a free pass to buy more than one, because I’m 100% sure I’ll be wearing this in three months’ time.

I’ve recently purchased a wide leg pants from Chloe (one of my favourite luxury brands of all time) while having an online shopping session in bed (isn’t that the best? no pants.. no worries) and I’ve worn it already to two completely different occasions.

How much YOU should spend on fashion trends depends, eventually, on how much you think fashion trends are valuable to your wardrobe. I’d say on average, a few trendy items would be enough, but you might feel like that doesn’t suit you, and to that I say - each to their own!

Let me know in the comments what your personal rules are when it comes to shopping trends - I’m curious.

Love GalGal Dagan

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