5x The Coolest Hawaiian Shirts For Men

By Sophie Tarif | Trends | 24/09/18

This year, you can bring those vacay vibes into your wardrobe before summer even really starts. How, you wonder? A couple of hawaiian shirts for men will do the trick! If you’re struggling with finding menswear summer outfits to wear out and about, on the cruise holidays you’re taking or when you’re relaxing with friends by the pool, this is your easiest way of looking cool.

For the vintage clothing lovers this is a happy blast from the past - we’re reviving trends and this ‘60s style is surely one of them this year. Using electric colour schemes, flowery patterns and a cool cut, these tropical short sleeves shirts are menswear must have for the summer. Not sure how to wear them? Read on, read on...

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Discover the 5 coolest Hawaiian Shirts for Men

The great side to this vintage clothing style revival is that there are so many different releases you’re about sure to find 50 different shirts you’re loving. To help make your life a bit easier, I’ve categorized them into 5 types.

Bright Colours Everywhere
Reds, pinks, blues and whites - those are your focus colours if you’re loving brights. Perfect for your breakfast/brunch/lunch summer outfits!

Come To The Dark Side
If you’re the kind that loves to wear black in summer (guilty!) then stick to dark blues, blacks and dark greens. Wear them to dinner or during the evening for a casual yet chic look.

Not The Flowery Kind
If you’re not the biggest flower pattern fan - no worries, there are other patterns you can choose for your summer outfits!

Busy, Busy Bee
Loving busy patterns, the kind that makes your head spin for a second? Here are some you’ll need a sec to wrap your head around.

The Plain Lovers
Love the style - not the patterns so much? Casual style, clean colour? I’ve got you.

Styling the Hawaiian Shirt for Men

Alright, so you’ve found the hawaiian shirt style you love, but you’re not sure on how to style it? Discover how to below!

Wear It Like Grandpa
Wear this menswear summer must old style with a pair of army green bermudas, adidas sliders and a brown hat.

Hawaiian shirt for men - Grandpa style

If you’re up to the challenge go ahead and mix different prints to create ultimate summer outfits. Did someone say flower power?

Hawaiians shirts for men - Bold

The Cool Way
A bright coloured hawaiian shirt worn openly on top of a simple light grey t-shirt, a pair of distressed black shorts and a pair of grey sneakers is the way to wear it now.

Hawaiian shirts for men - Current style

Explore this vintage clothing revival this summer - find your favourite hawaiian shirts for men, whether bold or subtle, and wear yours like your grandpa used to or how the cool kids wear them. It’s up to you and your personal style!

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