Floral dresses move over, summer is all about that women’s suit now

By Annabel van Eijk | Trends | 01/08/19
Floral dresses move over, summer is all about that women’s suit now

As summer starts to roll back into our lives, women’s summer suits aren’t the first thing we think of when we’re daydreaming of sand between our toes and rooftop parties. But I’m here to tell you that, actually, summer suits and blazers might just be the best thing to happen to your warm-weather wardrobe. Save that trip to the back of your closet for now though, the suits I’m talking about are nothing like the winter staples. The easier, breezier summer suits are both stylish and endlessly wearable, let me tell you why I love these classic two-piece's.

The shorts suit feels totally classic

May I introduce to you: the shorts suit. This style is boyish in all the right ways, I’d find one that has a relaxed, slouchy fit with wide fitting shorts and an oversized suit jacket in lightweight colours to really feel a little more free in your suit. Or get the shorts and blazer separately if you can't find the perfect two-piece. Shorts suits, or suit shorts or whatever you want to call them, will make you feel like it’s the 90s and you’re just hanging around in Saint. Tropez. Go for more earthy tones to keep things classic and timeless, while pastel shades will sweeten the whole thing for a fresher, more summery look. Pairing the shorts suit with sneakers means you’ll really nail the smart casual look, not sure if that’s a goal you have in life, but if you do, you’re welcome.

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The Smart Casual Appeal 

Talking about smart casual, the summer fabrics and colours really take the corporate out of the suit. You'll look polished yet relaxed, especially in the softly tailored fits. The best part of women’s summer suits is that the fabrics don’t feel restricting and the colours don’t feel dated or dull. You know, power dressing but make it summer. I promise these suits will feel about as easy-breezy as a floaty summer dress, ok maybe not totally the same thing but it's pretty close. 

Clearly, you should be staying far away from anything wool or that feels anything remotely like wool, but I can’t imagine you’d even like to come close to this fabric when the heat takes over outside.  Instead, go for more breathable fabrics like linen and cotton. If you’re looking for a bolder summer suit you might be going for one on the cheaper side, but unless you want to arrive everywhere looking like you ran a marathon in 40 degrees, don’t go for one that is made of non-natural fabrics. Do yourself a favour and find a women's summer suit that is either made of light cotton or a cotton linen mix. If I have convinced you so far about the pure bliss of the summer suit, I’d suggest to invest a little more and go for a linen summer shorts suit. Linen is the ultimate summer fabric as it’s loosely woven which means it can absorb more moisture and dry super quickly. There are also high-quality cotton fabrics that are very breathable as well.

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For any occasion

Ladies, I’m excited to share you this news, sorry I’ve kept it from you for so long but we’ve found our weapon against the battle of summer air conditioning. Get yourself a women’s summer suit and all you need to do is throw on your jacket when it’s cold inside and fold it up into your shoulder bag or tie it around your waist when you’re back in the scorching heat. Your welcome.

Not only is the summer suit perfect for the office, but you’ll also quickly find out that it’s about as versatile as a white t-shirt or a black slip dress. You can literally wear it everywhere, everywhere I tell you! It’s all about what you wear under the jacket. Since it’s hot outside, don’t wear anything too warm and keep it to cami tops and shorts sleeved t-shirts. For the office, I’d go for a simple cami top with thicker shoulder straps that feel more appropriate for when the air conditioning all of a sudden turns off, (can you tell I like to plan for everything?). For when you’re off duty, wear the suit with a casual vintage tee or a ribbed cami top. For a night out let’s make this look a little sexier, shall we? Wear a crop top, chic bralette or you know, close the button of your jacket and wear nothing.

Although I’m all for this style, no one is forcing you to wear the two-piece together every time, wear them separately for even more styling options. If you’ve bought cycling shorts and have no idea how to actually wear them (been there), match them with your summer suit jacket. To contrast, the boxy and sharp style of a suit wears the jacket over a dress or skirt to feel a little more feminine. Just try some things out and you'll quickly find out why the summer suit is here to stay this season. 


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