Bridal fashion: Trends of 2018

By Gal Dagan | Trends | 05/03/18

Congratulations, you’re getting married! You must’ve already searched through millions of websites and magazines to find inspiration for your big day. If you just got engaged and you are yet to start your journey through the bridal fashion world, welcome to the party. Today on Fashiola we’re feeling extra festive for some reason or other, and we’d like to give you a look into what our favourite bridal fashion trends are for 2018. We’ll cover a lot, from ideas for your wedding reception dress to your wedding jewellery, and we’ll stop along the way at some wedding shoes we’re going crazy about. So settle down, get out your notepad and coloured pens out and sit tight for this year’s bridal fashion trends!

What to wear on your big day? Here are the most awaited bridal fashion trends for 2018.

Bridal fashion trends 2018

Shine twice with your wedding reception dress.

Your ceremony dress can be big and puffy or rather slim and shiny, regardless of the style it will make you feel like a real-life princess, marrying her prince charming. But it might not be suitable for your reception, where you’d like to move easily between tables, welcome your guests and dance with your family and friends. No fear, here are the trends for your wedding reception dress we’ve loving:

  • Cold shoulder dresses - the cold shoulder trend has been around for a while and now has also made its way into bridal fashion, and we’re truly glad it did.

  • Midi dresses - your wedding ceremony dress is probably long, with a trail. But for your reception, you could easily choose for a midi dress, or even, yes, a mini dress this season.
  • Wedding jumpsuit - easy and breezy, the jumpsuit is an easy wedding reception outfit you can go for. As a true 2018 bride, you’ll choose one in a soft shade of pink or nude.

Chat, mingle and dance with wedding shoes that will not kill your feet.

This year, we’re slowly but surely realizing we don’t have to wear killer heels on our wedding day to look fabulous! Bye-bye sore feet we have to endure for a couple of hours. Bye-bye red and swollen feet at the end of the night. In 2018, we’re going for a kitty heel or, yes, we’re daring to finally do it - sneakers. Go for plain, simple white, to keep your dress the focus of the attention.

Dress up your wedding jewellery for the full look.

This year, there are two main wedding jewellery trends we’re sticking with. If you’re a classic, timeless kind of gal, go for pearls. Simple and chic, those never fall out of style and will always match great with your dress. But if you’re a bit more daring, out there, and like to experiment with new trends and styles, you might want to give bows a try. We can hear your astonishment, bows? Bows? Like the ones little girls wear in their hair?.. Yes. Exactly those. Well, not exactly, more the grown up, gorgeous golden or silver ones that designers like Viktor & Rolf showed on the New York Bridal Week runway.

Planning a wedding can be exhausting and very, very time-consuming. But if there’s one thing you do not want to save on (money or time), it’s your wedding look. You should feel and look like you just came out of a fairytale, just for one day. It’s important to research all the possible wedding dresses, wedding shoes and wedding jewellery before you go out to shops to try them on, so you know exactly what you’re looking for. The bridal fashion trends we’ve discussed are just the tip of the iceberg; there’s much more to explore. And while you’re planning away, don’t forget to enjoy this time in your life!

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