The Logos Are Everywhere

By Paola Mastromatteo | Trends | 11/06/18

With all the turmoil that’s been going around the world lately, it’s understandable that we sometimes want to escape everyday life into a different world. Going back in time is one of humans’ biggest wish: those days, that time, would always be better than today. In fashion we’re always going round and round and round, reinventing old styles and bringing back trends. It’s 2018 and 90s clothes have made quite the comeback - we’re talking camo pants, cat eye sunglasses, Cher’s matching plaid set (fluffy ballpen, anyone?), bum bags, slip dresses.. and one of our favourites: famous logos. Logos are everywhere.

From the biggest luxury brands in the business to the new up-and-coming labels, everyone’s putting their print on it. Streetwear to high couture, you’ll find logos on e v e r y t h i n g.

The Logos Are Everywhere

90s clothes: famous logos to wear

Want to participate in this seasons’ trends but not sure what luxury brands to go for?

It’s true, we are going 90s style, but the biggest players in the fashion industry have changed. If we used to wear our 90s clothes embroidered with GAP, FUBU, Guess or Nautica logos, today it’s all about these luxury brands:

  1. Gucci

  2. Tommy Hilfiger

  3. Balenciaga

  4. FILA

  5. Calvin Klein

How to wear designer clothes x famous logos?

Wearing designer clothes with a logo and incorporating that into your day-to-day looks is quite simple. According to season you pick your favourite clothing item: whether a sweatshirt or a short sleeved t-shirt, heels or sneaker, cap or beanie - as long as it’s got a logo on it.

Wear a white Gucci sweatshirt with a black, high waisted flared jeans and a pair of ankle boots. Add these must have 90s clothes accessories to complete your look: a belt bag (you can mix & match with different logos if you’d prefer, but I like sticking with Gucci for this one) and a pair of cat eye sunglasses with pointy edges cannot be missed.

How to Wear Logos

Another outfit you could opt for is a more casual one. A Tommy Hilfiger logo sweater and a denim skirt make up your base. A pair of Balenciaga sock sneakers and a clutch is all you need to complete your look.

How to Wear Logos - Casual

With this 90s clothes trend you can pretend to go back in time to better days. Wear logos all over your designer clothes or go small with an accessory: the choice is yours. Go crazy with LOGOMANIA!

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