What’s Your 2019 Beach Style?

By Gal Dagan | Styles | 16/10/19
What’s Your 2019 Beach Style?

Summer’s here and for that I can only say: thank you, weather gods. We’re looking at our last university / school / working days before we can finally head off into the warm, hot summer sunset - cue zoom out. For all those days you’ll be spending out on the beach, by the pool or simply relaxing and getting a tan, you need up to date swimwear! What are this season’s biggest trends, what colours, patterns and styles are you going to see everywhere? Sit tight, discover them all in this 2018/2019 Swimwear Edit and find out which swimsuit or bikini types fit your summer style.

Your 2019 Swimwear Edit: 5 Different Beach Styles

It’s Smocked In Here

The new kid on the beach styles block this season is the smocked material. It’s the easy to wear swimwear we didn’t know we were craving, but this bikini beach option here and we’re sure it’s here to stay.

Key To Remember
> It doesn't need anything else

bikini beach

We’re going back, it’s retro time

For our first summer style bikinis, we’re going old school. Retro is back in full swing so don’t hesitate to try it out; it’s complimentary to every possible body figure.

Key To Remember
> Halter Tops
> High waisted
> Polka dots

Mix & Match Till Your Head Explodes

Don’t you love it when you can mix & match underwear and buy 5 for $20? Yes, so do I. Now we can do the same with our bikini beach looks. Go with one colour on the top and a complete other on the bottom and extra points if you’ll throw a pattern in there. Explore this option as your beach style!

Key To Remember
> Colourblock
> Colour & Pattern Block


In 2019 your bikini beach look won’t be complete without, yes, a belt. It can be incorporated into the pattern you’re going with or have it separately as an accessory, but you can’t go without it.

Key To Remember
> Small and delicate or big and here to stay

Unlock your beach style babe with one of these 2018-2019 swimwear options and you’re guaranteed a beach style swimwear wardrobe to match your summer style. Get your bikini beach look on!

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