What You Need For Your First Week Of Uni

By Gal Dagan | Styles | 19/02/18

Summer is coming to an end which means.. your first week of uni is starting very very soon! Whether you’re a first time student and you’re not quite sure what university necessities you need, or you’re a second- or third-year one and you’re pretty sure what your student essentials are, we’ve put together a practical list and a love-to-have list of things you must have before freshers week!

Prepare for your first week of uni with the practical list and the love-to-have list.

First week of uni student essentials: practical university necessities

  • Let’s start with the obvious: your books. Have a read-through your course guide (or sometimes called ‘reading guide’ or ‘learning resources’) and check out the list of books you will need for the coming semester. Try finding them second-hand online (check out your uni’s second-hand FB page, surely there will be one) or through www.studentvip.com.au/textbooks or through www.coop.com.au

  • Next, your planner. I have never seen a student succeed in uni without a planner. Make sure you’ve got one before you start and whilst reading your course guide note down any important dates (assignments, quizzes, presentations, assessments). Personally, I love to make a weekly schedule ahead of my semester, writing down when I should start working on assignments as to not be surprised by any deadlines (does not mean I follow it, oops).

  • Then, you will need stationery items: notebooks (I prefer A4 size, and one for each course), pens, highlighters, a pencil, eraser, sharpener, paper clips, post-it notes. Buy a pencil case and put them all in there.

  • Finally, technology. Yeah, you’ve got a laptop at home on which you binge Netflix or play games. But are you sure you want to use the same laptop since you were 14, which has all the embarrassing documents you’ve made of your life in 30 years, or your Paint-paintings?.. perhaps not, perhaps you don’t care. Regardless, sort out your laptop and create a uni file and within a file for each course. Make sure you prepare to make it as easy for you as possible to find the documents you’re looking for, because trust me, you will have a lot of those.

What You Need For Your First Week Of Uni

First week of uni student essentials: freshers week love-to-have

  • A must-have: a cute rucksack or tote bag, whichever you prefer. It’s quite important to have one that’s practical but a fashionable one as well: you will use it for a long time. Make sure it’s a good size; not too big (you don’t want your stuff swimming around in there) but also not too small (you still will need to bring your laptop). Have a look at the ones I selected below, and gain some inspiration.

  • Quite nice to have: a fashionable first day outfit! Yeah yeah, I know you’re not 12, but still, wearing something cute will give you that extra hint of confidence (we all know we need it on first days). I’ve put together an outfit you can wear that is uni appropriate but still will make you feel like a winner. Also check out our top 5 autumn jackets for uni appropriate jackets!

First day of uni outfit
  • Freshers week can be quite intense, meeting all those new people, lecturers, not having any clue where to go (jeez, are all uni campuses that big?).. You’ll be walking a lot from one side of the campus to the other, so make sure you’re wearing a pair of shoes  that will be comfortable besides stylish. Your feet will thank you, trust me. Have a look at my personal favourites below.

  • Last but not least, when meeting new people you’d like them to have a good first impression of you, right? Besides a great outfit, comfortable but stylish shoes and a cute bag, smell makes a huge difference. Research has shown that smell is extremely important when making a good first impression. So, whether you’ve got your long-time favourite scent or you’re looking to change it up, make sure you spray a bit on yourself before heading out. Personally, I would go for one of these.

Starting uni can be stressful, especially your first couple of weeks when you’re adjusting to uni life after a summer holiday or high school. You might not be quite sure where to go, what to do, who to ask. But don’t be nervous, just make sure you prepare whatever you can so you know what you need for your first week of uni, be like me and purchase your university necessities on time and most of all, try to enjoy freshers week because of all your weeks in uni, that one will be the best; you will remember that week once you graduate. Good luck with your studies and do not forget to enjoy!

Love GalGal Dagan

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