Here's how to buy sunglasses online that suit you

By Annabel van Eijk | Styles | 19/07/19
Here's how to buy sunglasses online that suit you

Look, I know how you feel, buying sunglasses online is one of those missions that seem impossible. You’re scrolling around, you find a pair you love so much you want to grab them right off your screen and put them on, but you back off because you’re not sure they will suit you - we’ve all been there. But for every little fashion dilemma, there are a few handy hacks to get you through. That said, it’s not a 100% guarantee the sunglasses will suit you but it will help a lot (I'd like to thank all those easygoing return policies).

If you’re thinking about "what sunglasses suit my face?" when you’re buying sunglasses online, then start looking in the mirror (or at those gazillion selfies you will never end up posting). It’s all about your face shape and seeing what shape of sunglasses suit this. Promise it’s easy! All you need is a mirror, your face and maybe an egg (I’ll explain in a bit).

What sunglasses suit my face?

Sunglasses for round faces

A round face is usually recognisable by its softer angles, rounded curves and your cheekbones will usually be the wider part of your face. If you need a little confidence boost google Mila Kunis or Selena Gomez because they are your face shape doppelgangers. Since a round face doesn’t have any sharp, angular lines, the perfect pair of sunglasses would be more geometric. Look for sunglasses that have more rectangular and square shapes so that they will stand out rather than blend in. Wayfarer sunglasses would be perfect for your face, as well as Classic Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses. 

The ultimate guide to buying sunglasses online that suit you

Sunglasses for Heart-Shaped Faces

You can recognize a heart-shaped face by a strong and sharp jawline, the lower half of your face becomes thinner toward the chin. Your face is, of course, not exactly a heart shape but resembles a tip facing downwards. As you’re the upper part of your face is already emphasized by nature, it’s a good idea to balance this with finer and more discreet frames. Simple and sober models will be the ones that suit you the best as well as cat-eye sunglasses to match your retro midi dress

The ultimate guide to buying sunglasses online that suit you

Sunglasses for Oval Faces

Is your face oval? Basically, does it look like an egg? Come on, try it, try comparing in the mirror. If you’re not up for that, oval shapes are pretty easy to define – it basically means your forehead is not much wider than your chin. If you have this face shape you’ve pretty much won the jackpot of face shapes when it comes to buying sunglasses online. Finding sunglasses that suit your face should be worry-free for you. Since you’re so lucky, you pretty much have to go for the more showy ones for the rest of us who don’t suit literally all sunglasses.

The ultimate guide to buying sunglasses online that suit you

Sunglasses for Square faces

A square face is, well, square looking. It means you have equal proportions in length and width and that you have sharper, more angular features. The forehead is often broad and the jaw more pronounced. If you think having a face that looks like a box doesn’t sound appealing, Natalie Portman and Angelina Jolie have square faces, so yeah, you’re fine. When you’re buying sunglasses online look for frames that are curved and round, this will soften your face. Sunglasses that suit your face would be cat-eye frames and butterfly sunglasses, these will balance out your jawline. 

The key to finding the right sunglasses that suit you is quite simple, it’s basically playing a game of opposites. So when you’re thinking What sunglasses suit my face, have a good look at that lovely face of yours and define what shape you have first. From then on, follow this guide and get sun-proof with new shades!  

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