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By Annabel van Eijk | Sponsored | Styles | 17/01/20
Your wedding guest outfit if covered with these dresses

Brace yourselves, peak wedding season is just around the corner and we all need to figure out what dresses we want to wear. You might be feeling like there are more weddings than fun, chill get-togethers (the good old days) and not enough dresses in the world for you to wear. Or it’s the first wedding you're attending and you're feeling all kinds of jitters and excitement on figuring out your wedding guest outfit. In any case, there is a wedding, you need to look fabulous and I’m helping you do exactly that with these dresses to wear to a wedding.

What to wear to a wedding? The Rules.

With all those dresses out there, it’s not always easy to navigate and find one that is picture-perfect for a wedding. Nowadays, the rules are much more relaxed, depending on the bride and groom of course. But there are still a few no-no’s you cannot ignore.

  1. Better overdressed than underdressed. I don’t think I need to tell you here that jeans and sweatpants are totally off-limits. But you might be struggling to find a dress that is in between gala and casual party. In that case, I’d say it’s better to go a little over the top than feel like slob amongst a dressed-up crowd.

  2. You can actually wear pants if you want (welcome to the 21st century), but make it formal! 

  3. Decode the invite and dress accordingly, don’t wear a ballgown to a bohemian beach wedding and don’t wear a tight, sleeveless mini dress to a formal church wedding. 

  4. Don’t wear white or black. Just don’t. Please. 

  5. Avoid anything too flashy and attention-grabbing, sorry but it's just not your day (yet). 

  6. Find a dress you can actually wear after the wedding as well. Swap you heels for sneakers and there’s a good chance the dress will look amazing for Sunday brunch.


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What dresses to wear to a wedding?

If the bride and groom are keeping things low-key

Some couples may be giving that black tie dress code a little break, but just because things are kept a little low-key probably doesn’t mean you can rock up in your go-to denim shorts and a sweater. I say to think of dresses you could wear to a festival the week after as well. These dresses for a wedding can have a bohemian feel; a flowy loose silhouette and a floral print would be perfect. Add in some chic leather sandals or a cute pair of heeled espadrilles to finish off this casual wedding outfit. A loose cotton dress or kaftan will also look great, as long as it’s not in white or black! This is also where it’s more acceptable to wear a mini dress so you could opt for this as well.

Your wedding guest outfit if covered with these dresses

If you like to keep things simple

Sometimes simple dresses make the biggest impact and let's face it, cost the least time for you to fuss about. A dress with little to no details means you can wear it plenty more times after the wedding, just by styling around it for different occasions. Nothing quite beats a simple slip dress with a straight neckline and thin spaghetti straps. But there are lots of different styles for you to pick from, just make sure it’s all in one subtle colour and it has a chic, minimal design. I’ve found a few very stylish ones from my favourite Aussie brands (that you can shop on THE ICONIC!) like BWLDR, Dazie and Atmos & Here. Shop them here.

If you want to “wow” without stealing the show

Yeah, yeah, we’re not supposed to upstage the bride, but can we have just a little bit of fun? If you’re one of those women who just loves to dress up or if there’s an ex / hot best man / gorgeous sister of the bride / any other heart you’re going to break, then you might want to be the second best-looking person at the wedding. Again, simple will also do the trick here, but there’s no harm in adding a bit more glamour. Polka dots or a red dress are very femme-fatale with red lips and some hoop earring so I’ve selected a few of these. A chic off-shoulder silhouette is a seductive way to hint at skin instead of showing all the skin, and a split dress with ruffles will add an elegant impact to your walk.

If, actually, you don’t really feel like wearing a dress

Then you might as well stay on your couch in yoga leggings all day. Kidding of course! When you’re figuring out what to wear to a wedding, you don’t have to stick to dresses only. For an unexpected, stylish twist to wedding attire, a jumpsuit or a two-piece suit will look amazing. Below you’ll find a few I think are perfectly formal enough for wedding season and you can wear them the Monday after to work, a win-win situation!


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