Unisex Spring Trends

By Rima Baroud | Styles | 10/10/17
Unisex Spring Trends

Clothes are all about expressing who you are, and if that piece of clothing happens to be in the male section, then why not wear it? More and more shops have been realizing the purpose of clothes shouldn't be gendered, but just to be worn by whoever wants to wear it. If we think about it, it also doesn't really make sense to gender clothes male and female. Cmon, realistically what does it matter if I wear a white shirt from the men's section instead of the women’s section? Nothing!

Short-Sleeve Floral Shirts

Floral shirts, or shirts with design patterns on them are one of my favourite items! The spring/summer vintage look oozes a chill and relaxed hawaiian dad vibe. I mean what else could you want?

Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are an absolute must during spring! The essential denim jacket works with practically any outfit, whether you're going for a casual denim on denim look or a night out with friends.



Caps are essential when the sun in shining! Protect yourself from those sunrays and get the trendiest caps, from classic colours like nude and white, to pastel colours like blue and pink.


Comment below your favourite spring unisex trends! 

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