5x My Favourite Timeless Watches

By Gal Dagan | Styles | 04/03/19

Hey, watch it! Your arm candy isn’t complete if you haven’t gotten a stylish watch added to your look, I’ve learned this the hard way. Watches are making a huge comeback as the fashionable accessory to have and wear this year, and honestly, I’m not surprised. We’re all checking our phone every 10 minutes or so, and so the practicality of the watch has somewhat disappeared, that’s true. But more than ever, we’re searching for ways to be original, to stand out from the crowd & personalize our outfits as much as we can.

Timeless watches are the best way to do so, time has proven (ha). Finding the right watch for you can be difficult - there are a bunch of different styles and you need to make some decisions as to what your watch style is going to be. Today I’m focusing on my personal favourite: timeless watches - design from back in the days. There are lots of options so let’s get right to it!

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5 x Timeless Watches

1. Good Ol’ Grandpa

I’m not sure if your granddad had a watch, but if he did, chances are he had one that looked like the below. Big gold or silver watch with a masculine feeling to it. Sounds familiar? Thought so. I remember playing with my granddad’s watch, taking it on and off, trying to out it on but it being too big for my small wrists as a little girl. Ah, the memories.

2. Sweet Delicate Grandma

Smaller sizes, round or square, with a thin feminine strap - that’s the kind of watch my grandma used to wear (See? I come from a long line of watch wearers!). Wearing something like my grandma did makes me feel always so close to her.

3. Plastic is Fantastic

There was a time when everyone, and when I say everyone I truly mean e v e r y o n e was wearing a plastic watch. Alright, granted, it might’ve been grade 5 or 6… but you could see these everywhere. Now that I’m older (let’s not open this door), I find myself thinking back to that stress free time and craving my old, simple watch.

4. Old, but Modern

Combine the old school watches design with the modern digital clock for a cool mixture between then & now. The style is timeless - the clock contemporary. A winning watch combination, I must admit!

5. Going All In

Usually regarded as a more masculine watch, but hey, we don’t discriminate over here at Fashiola, you can wear whatever you want. Anyway, an old timer watch is the one that has a bunch of different uses: it’s got a regular clock, a roman numerals clock, and so many more - functionality as a top priority, along with style.

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How To Wear Your Watch

Not sure how to wear timeless watches? Here are a few tips to get you going:

  • Style yours in combination of your other jewellery. If you’re going for a silver watch, match with a silver necklace and a silver bracelet. It’s all about the overall look.

  • Find the size that matches your wrist - no one wants a massive watch that takes over your entire arm.

  • Make sure your watch matches the look you’re going for. If you’re styling a look for an everyday look, anything is possible. But if you’re looking for a more elegance outfit, swap the plastic for a classic silver or gold watch.

Have you got any specific watch queries? Drop them below in the comments, or slide into our DMs on Instagram. Have you found the watch for you among these timeless watches? Tag us on Instagram (@fashiola_) for a chance to get featured!

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