These Australian fashion brands are seriously good right now

By Annabel van Eijk | Styles | 24/10/19
These Australian brands are seriously good right now

Turns out, some of the fashion highlights right now are Ozzie; discover our favourite Australian Fashion Clothing brands here on Fashiola. Sure the Europeans have Paris, London and Milan but do they have out always-sunny outlook on life? Didn't think so. Let's take a sweet dive into the waves of Australian fashion, looking at our favourite brands are their latest collections. 

Bec + Bridge

This Australian brand has blossomed from a friendship between the two power ladies Becky Cooper and Bridget Yorston. The pair's design philosophy is rooted in a progressive attitude towards feminine designs, the iconic party dress has been worn by all the Bec & Bridge girls from Kate Bosworth to Hailey Bieber. 

With sexy, summery mini dresses, warm retro colours and shapes the latest Bec + Bridge collection is serving us some serious holiday vibes. This season the trendy brand throws back to the myth and magic of the iconic sixties and early seventies surf culture. There's a particular print inspired by the barrier reef that is getting our surfer girl hearts beating fast, very fast. 


If you're looking for a dressy-dress that works for special occasions like weddings or fancy date nights, you'll be more than pleased with the Chancery selection. With dreamy, delicate prints and silhouettes and a romantic sensibility; each collection offers undeniable femininity. If that wasn't enough to love, then you'll really be sold when you find out that they act, design and produce on socially responsible principles. 

The latest collection has once again proven that this brand should be your go-to for any feminine and stylish cocktail dresses, but we're also seeing some chic jumpsuits and skirts to switch things up. 


With Avant-garde yet wearable collections, the luxury womenswear brand Ellery knows a thing or two about empowering the modern woman. Born in Australia, the Aussie brand is now based in Paris and the unique garments are crafted in Italy for the finest quality. Expect to find dresses with architectural dimensions, big puffy and flared sleeves and bold high necks. The type to truly make heads turn. 

The Pre-Fall '19 Ellery collection is a provocative blend between two very different worlds; Amish conservatism and the spirit 70s free love. This design inspiration has led to a unique dual of both demure and liberated design principles, silhouettes and details. 


The sisters Nicky and Simone ZIMMERMAN founded this feminine and sophisticated brand back in 1991 and they have stayed true to their original vision ever since. The brand gained popularity both in Australia and overseas by working stylish swimwear into their fashion collections. They are loved all over the world for their optimistic, flirty and feminine collections. Dressing in Zimmerman is always a fun and stylish way to celebrate summery warm days, with retro-inspired bathing suits and stand out patterns, prints and palettes. 

The brand's latest ready-to-wear collection offers light and breezy silhouettes, sweet nostalgia for elegant styles and soft pastel palette - good enough to feature in our daydreams of everlasting summer holidays. 

Veronika Maine 

Veronika Maine evokes an undeniable elegance, with feminine silhouettes and a modern approach to dressing. If you're on the hunt for a unique look for any special event, you'll be spoiled for choice with Veronika Maine. The dresses have a timeless appeal, elevated with modern details fresh colours and prints and chic shapes. The collections are limited edition, celebrating the art of fashion. The new collection has a vintage sophistication and is brimming with both more dressed-up looks and off-duty styles to walk right into summer. 

As always, you can expect to find all the best fashion brands on our Fashion Finder so you won't be surprised to find all the most stylish Australian fashion brands either. Just to make it a bit easier for you, we've made an edit for these brands for you to shop, check it out here!

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