2020 is all about these swimwear trends

By Annabel van Eijk | Styles | 18/12/19
6 swimwear trends we’re ready to dive into

Some women collect bags, other boots and some might go all Carrie Bradshaw on heels; but Aussie girls have their own fashion obsession: swimwear. With tropical temperatures, its no wonder one bikini and one swimsuit, just won't cut it. So now that we've worn our fav swimwear items over summer, let's look into some of the trends for 2020 and buy one or two more... It's no longer just about the high-cut bikini bottoms. From leopard print bikini’s to retro white swimsuits, we’ve rounded up 6 swimwear trends 2020 you can steal from our fav Insta girls with just a few clicks. 

What Are The Swimwear Trends for 2020? 

1. White Swimwear

Ok, so ever since photos of Selena Gomez and her friends surfaced online, I’ve been obsessing over her creamy off-white bikini and the classic swimwear her friends are wearing. It’s classy. It’s sexy. It’s packed with retro confidence. Gimmie all of that! Lucky for us, brands like are more than aware that white swimwear will make us feel like the classiest thing on the beach so there are plenty of options out there like elegant white swimsuits and basic triangle bikinis

2. Plain & Simple

So in my opinion, this is where you can really splash out on luxury swimwear with brands like Zimmerman, Fella and Bondi BornClassic swimwear simply never goes out of style, so going for a bikini or swimsuit that is more on the luxury side will let you enjoy it for many summers and holidays to come. We’re not surprised here that Matteau is acing my favourite of the swimwear trends 2020 with their signature chic style.

3. One Shoulder

A one shoulder bathing suit is just the right amount of daring to switch things up from classic swimwear. As a little fashion bonus: this type of asymmetrical bathing suit doubles as a going out top if you match it with a pair of cool boyfriend jeans or a leather skirt. Meaning you can go from the beach straight to the club. Ok, no one actually does that, you can go home to shower in between.

4. Leopard Print

It feels like everyone is getting their paws on leopard print clothing, seriously, try counting how many leopard print midi skirts you see in a day. And it turns out this animal print crept into swimwear trends as well. Let the print grab all the attention and keep the fit simple, or if you’re feeling more risqué go for a high-cut bikini bottom.

5. Rings

Cute now, worry about the tan later. I like how these ring details are bringing a new design element to more simple styles of bikinis and swimsuits. It feels retro and elegant and stands out from just a basic triangle bikini or simple bathing suit without overdoing it.

6. Fluorescent 

If you're the kind of gal who doesn't mind standing out at the beach, then this is the trend for you. Neon has been seen all over street style, and swimwear trends 2020 have not escaped these ultra brights. Bring a little 80s glamour into your beach look and go for a fluoro pink, green or yellow swimsuit or bikini. As another bonus: your tan will look fabulous. 

7. Retro

It seems like every year there is one trend that we just can't escape from when it comes to swimwear: Everything Retro. But we get it, I mean who doesn't want to feel like a classic movie star? We're seeing a heavy dose of nostalgia for 2020 in different swimwear styles like belted swimsuits, gingham prints and high waisted bikini bottoms. 

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