Timeless Spring Fashion Must Haves

By Gal Dagan | Styles | 18/06/18

When winter turns into spring it’s a great opportunity for a wardrobe revamp. I love going through my last year’s spring clothing, picking out the pieces I still like and giving the rest to charity, which gives me plenty of space for this year’s favourite spring items. Though I go through this every year, there are some spring wardrobe essentials that I keep on. Whether you’re rebuilding your wardrobe from scratch or you’re looking for a quick refreshment, here are some timeless spring fashion must haves you just.. must have.

wardrobe essentials

Spring fashion wardrobe essentials

The oversized tee

Yeah, yeah, I know you love your crop tops, but hear me out. Oversized t-shirts are honestly my favourite piece of clothing, maybe ever. So simple, casual yet elegant, these tees can be styled with truly anything! It doesn’t matter what your style is, a plain white oversized t-shirt is essentially all you need for spring. You can personalize and choose a certain print or a different colour, but having one of those in your wardrobe is a must for spring.

The biker jacket

One of fashion’s timeless key pieces is the leather jacket. During spring the biker jacket is my personal fashion best mate. I don’t feel spring ready if I don’t have at least one version of it in my wardrobe (sometimes that turns into two.. oops?). Luckily there are many variations to the classic so each of us can find one that she likes, that fits (petite gal over here, I know your struggles) and that goes well with the rest of her wardrobe. I prefer to always have a classic black one as a basis, and every once in a while replace my second with a current trend. That way you can mix and match.

Loafers are a big deal

Don’t turn loafers for women down just yet, okay? Even if you think it’s a style too old for you (or too young), there is always a pair of you out there. It might take a while to find, it might take a bit of energy to search for, but I promise, you’ll find a pair you’ll love. Because this spring essential goes well with every outfit you’re planning. Loafers for women can be old styled, but many designers take a spin on the classic and so you’ll find plenty of contemporary options. Personally I cannot miss a classic pair in my spring wardrobe, preferably in dark brown.. but hey, don’t shoot me, it might not be for everyone, and that’s fine!

Spring fashion accessories

One can never have enough accessories.. can they? Asking for a friend..

Anyhow, here are my favourites for your consideration:

  • a hat - according to the current trend

  • the latest hair accessory - could be a scrunchie, a turban, a bandana.. whatever is in at the moment

  • a watch with a light strap - to cheer up my black on black outfit.. (always in black, I know, I know..)

  • a pair of sunglasses - sun’s out so protect your precious eyes!

With these spring fashion wardrobe essentials you’re sure to have a great basis for your spring closet! Sometimes a simple tee, a pair of jeans, biker jacket and loafers for women is all you need for a spring day look!

Classic Spring Day Look
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