All the school backpacks for trendsetting kids

By Annabel van Eijk | Styles | Ads Disclosure | 30/01/20
All the school backpacks to turn your kid into a trendsetter

Back to school means back to school uniforms, which is great because you don’t have to put together an outfit every day (although, fine you’ll miss dressing your mini-me). But with most schools, there’s one thing that you may have forgotten to update: the kid's school backpack. But don’t worry, you can find all the best school backpacks of 2020 for toddlers, kids and teens here on Fashiola. Since I’ve heard parenting is hard enough as it is, I’m here to help you out a little with a selection of the most stylish, hip, fun and cute backpacks for your kid!

The Best Kids School Backpacks for 2020

Backpacks For Kids with big personalities

Your kid has big, fun and slightly crazy personality and you don't mind if the whole world knows it. Let your kids backpack be yet another spark for all that endless imagination. I've selected a few bags that are really just fun vessels for school supplies and I'm pretty sure it will feel like Christmas when you're little one has his or her sight on these. 

Backpacks for the label-loving parent

Let’s be honest here, your child doesn’t actually care that his or her bag is Versace. Unless you can somehow convince them Dole & Gabbana are characters in Frozen or Peppa Pig, it won't be interesting enough for them to get their eyes off the Ipad screen. But you, you’re a different story maybe... If designer labels are your thing (and you’re not afraid to admit it) there is a good chance these designer kids backpacks will win your heart. I will offer you this excuse if you're doubting on spending this much money on a kids designer backpack: not only will they make a statement, the quality is truly great and will last for many (school) years. 

Backpacks For the kiddos that come home muddy

There are parents obsessed with dressing their offsprings in high fashion, and then there are parents who find all that a little excessive. Besides, your kids can't be trusted to keep anything clean and mudless for anything longer than three days, so why spend all that money on fancy things? You'll find a few sportswear backpacks for kids below, these won't break the bank and are still great quality so your kid can live his or her wildest life. 

Backpacks For Teenagers who you need to impress with your fashion taste

It's no secret that teenagers are hard to impress, but I can guarantee you they will love these on-trend backpacks. Thye might hide their excitement, to begin with, but trust me they're secretly very impressed with your taste. For teenagers, you have more options as you can look at the "grown-up" backpacks as well. But all that choice is not exactly making your life easier either, so I've selected a few school backpacks for teenagers that will make them the coolest teen at school. 

Backpacks For Teenage Girls

Classic Leather backpacks, backpacks form popular brands like Michael Kors and if your budget will allow it; retro-looking Prada backpacks will be a big hit with your teenage girl. If you know she likes to be on top of the latest, coolest trends then get her a backpack from brands like OFF-WHITE or even Adidas. 

Backpacks For Teenage Boys

I hate to break it to you but boys turn into men and there will be a point when the backpack he's had for three years simply isn't "cool" enough anymore. I've selected a few backpacks that have a more grown-up feel to make him feel less like a momma's boy and more like a man about town (and by town we mean the classroom). 


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