New in: kids sneakers for 2018

By Gal Dagan | Styles | 28/02/18

Sneakers are an essential shoe in our wardrobe. Recently we’ve discussed this season’s best shoes for women, and a significant trend we noticed was multicoloured sneakers. Luckily, our little ones can enjoy the trend too, as many sneaker brands create similar pieces for kids. Buying sneakers online for kids is ideal. This way, you don’t have to drag them with you and have them try on a pair after a pair, while they and yourself are becoming slowly but surely agitated. Buy kids shoes online to save you all the hassle and still find a good pair for your kiddo. You’ve come to the right place; we’ve gathered all the trendy kids sneakers for the upcoming year.

This year’s kids sneakers trend you will love!

New in: kids sneakers for 2018

Girls’ sneakers online

This year, we’re going full out with multicoloured sneakers, sequins, flashy colours and cool patterns. They’re easy to style: just add a pair of jeans  and black t-shirt or jumper. Add a cute headband to the mix, something that matches well with the colours or patterns you’ve chosen for the sneaker. Sneaker brands to keep in mind for girls sneakers are Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana and Golden Goose.

Sneakers online for boys

There are many kids sneakers trends going around. For boys, a great choice is a crisp white or silver sneaker with a flash of colour(s), pattern(s) or glitter! Premiata, John Galliano and Gucci are sneaker brands you should go for if you choose this trend. Style it easily with a pair of black chinos or a pair of jeans, a grey or light blue blouse and a black belt.

Other kids shoes online

A trend that is slowly cooking at this moment is the slip-ons. They’re comfortable, very similar to the sneaker but doesn’t have the activewear vibe the sneaker does have. Have a look at the ones we selected below, and for sure give them a try. They’re easy taking on and off, something we’re sure your kids will love!

There are many kids sneakers around, but for this year opt for a sneaker that is colourful, glittery or with patterns. You’re sure to have your kid walking like a queen or king around school. Shop easily kids shoes online without all the hassle and get them delivered to your front door. Happy shopping!

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