Men’s Summer Style 2018/2019

By Nina van Boxtel | Styles | 09/10/18

This summer, leave your old boring shorts, the basic tees and your worn out sandals behind. This season is all about colouring outside of the lines, letting yourself go and experimenting with new colours (pastel pink), patterns (did anyone say stripes, stripes all over?), materials (hellooo linen) and designs (it’s statement time). Even if it’s just for your casual summer outfits, guys, now’s the time! Open up to a new phase of mens fashion and discover styles that might just fit your taste - you never know if you never try, right?

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2018-2019 Mens fashion trends

Pastel pink - today’s cool guy colour

It’s 2018 (almost 2019) which means we do not discriminate in colours anymore. Guys can wear purples, reds and yes, pinks! All over the runway the mens summer style showed plenty of pinks, from baby to pastel to hot pink, with a special note to, of course, millennial pink. There’s no need to freak out, you can also opt for a pair of Reebok sneakers, a jacket or a cap if you want to slowly introduce yourself to this flashy colour of the summer.

Daddy cool

Stripes, stripes everywhere! The ‘80s are back and with them they’re bringing stripes back. They’re great for your casual summer outfits, and you can mix different types of stripes to create the ultimate stripe-lover look. A striped Armani suit will be your go-to mens outfit! Stay in line with the pastels this year or go for soft, earthy colours like bright browns and shades of white. Hey, if you need some inspiration, have a look through your family albums - your dad circa 1985 will be your mens summer style icon for this season.

Keep your jacket on

Mens summer style for 2018 and 2019 isn’t skipping jackets. Choose your favourite among a pool of updated favourites: the bombers, the windbreakers or the blazers. There’s a jacket for every outfit, whether you’re going sporty or need a fitted style. Bright colours and statement patterns are your go-tos this season, yes, even for a blazer.

Cool down, dress up

Investing in a new material is always a bit tricky, because you never know if you’re going to be loving the way it feels when you sit and walk. But once in awhile you should take the plunge and try something new. This season don’t hold back on trying linen. Besides being a comfortable and breathing fabric, it has a casual-chic vibe to it. Meaning, basically, you can wear it with anything you’d like! Linen is the easiest material to work with while you’re putting together some casual summer outfits, because you can never go wrong. A pair of linen pants and a casual white t-shirt would look great.

Experimenting with something new is always a bit scary at first, whether that’s a colour like pastel pink or a material like linen, but it’s so worth the try. Upgrade your mens summer style wardrobe and go out of the box this season with your mens fashion - I guarantee you won’t regret it!

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