The Secret to Men’s Street Style

By Gal Dagan | Styles | Ads Disclosure | 15/02/19

Google once, google again, and you’ll find a massive list of sites aiming to describe to you in detail, step by step, what street style is and what items are the go-to to achieve the best outfit for you. I’m not going to do that. You know why? Well, the honest answer is, you don’t need me to. You can go onto any other of those sites and find a detailed list of what you need to pull off the next great look. So why would you need to read on? Because I’ve got the real answer for you here.

The Secret to Men’s Street Style

The secret to men’s street style? The real secret? It’s... your personal style.


Yes, your own personal style is the formula to your street style looks.

Whether you’re the streetwear kind of guy, prefer a more contemporary-chic look or your wardrobe is all about comfort - take your strong points and maximize those to create outfits that will look cool.

But hey, if you’ve got the basics down (as in, you know your style, you’ve got your wardrobe staples ready and some pieces you love in your closet) but you just can’t seem to get this effortless vibe into your outfits - that’s what I’m here for.

The Secret to Men’s Street Style

Follow these tips to create bulletproof street style outfits; the kinds you see on the GQ best dressed men’s list.

Keep it simple

There’s no need for a million ruffles, studs everywhere or a combination of old colours only. Keep it straightforward, uncomplicated, frills free. Don’t force it and overdress: a simple polo shirt is an example.

Layer all the layers

Play around with layers to create defining levels in your outfit. Break up your color scheme by adding a layer of a special material (think leather jacket in winter, linen shirt in summer). This creates a certain ‘broken up flow’ that you can see in all your inspiration images.

Tone it down

If you love bold colours - by all means go for it. The basic rule here is your personal style so don’t let anyone talk you out of wearing the colours you love. Having that said, use neutrals (whether interchangeably with bold colours or not) for a more grown-up look, especially when you layer them up and down. A neutral tank top is a good basic to build on.

Get your footwear down

Though again, your style counts here, the absolute king of footwear here are sneakers. Whether you’re into the contemporary styles (think dad Balenciaga sneakers, sock sneakers) or the good ol’ white sneaker is your favourite instead, a pair is a must for every wardrobe anyway, so use them appropriately.

Eventually, it’s all about how you use the items you’ve got in your wardrobe to create something that is entirely you. Don’t hesitate to try out new combinations and step out of your comfort zone - it will only help you realize what’s ultimately your personal street style.

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