Men’s Formalwear Looks we Love

By Philippa Jones | Styles | 15/02/17
Men’s Formal Wear Looks we Love

The days of everyone having to wear and suit and tie to the office might be over, but there are still a surprising amount of occasions that require a suit and tie. Picking men’s formalwear can be tricky and isn't always easy to find at a reasonable price.

Fashionable Men’s Formalwear

Lucky for you, we know just where to look to find the best in men’s formalwear. Check out our picks of the best men’s blazers, men’s suits and the best formalwear accessories to finish off your look.

Stylish Men’s Blazers

Great for adding a touch of formality to a more casual outfit, a blazer can be worn to a whole range of formal events. If you aren’t a matchy matchy fan, a blazer gives you the opportunity to  have a little more flexibility in your look.

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Fashionable Men’s Suits

The pinnacle of men’s formalwear, the suit is a classic style that looks good on almost anyone. For an updated look pick a suit with an interesting material or woven pattern. If you are looking for a classic suit, go for a black or dark blue suit that is sure to last you a lifetime.

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Stylish Men’s Formal Shirts

What formal look would be complete without a crisp men's shirt? The perfect compliment to a dark suit, a crisp white shirt can be the best accessory you can wear. Not a white shirt fan? Pick a light coloured shirt or if you are feeling adventurous, you can go for a pattern.

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Formal Wear Accessories

Everyone know that accessories finish the look and this is never more relevant than when you are dressing for a formal occasion. Add a tie or a bow tie in a complimentary colour and if you are feeling really fancy, add a pocket square.  Belts are another important addition to pick a leather version to look your best.


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