5 Ways to Wear a Leather Skirt

By Nina van Boxtel | Styles | 25/06/18

A leather skirt is so much more than just another skirt in your wardrobe. It’s feminine and masculine at the same time, always with a hint of sexiness. For many a favourite, still it can be a struggle to know how to style it. Leave that one blouse you always wear with your skirt behind and discover new ways of styling this ultimate wardrobe must-have. I’ve got you - here’s my styling advice per season. Curious? Read on!

5 ways to style yours:

  1. Sweaters

  2. Turtleneck

  3. Crop tops

  4. Cardigans for women

  5. Sneakers


So many leather skirt styles, so little time…

Before anything else, find the style that fits you best. Whether that’s a classic plain leather mini skirt, a wrap skirt, with a zip, in black, green, brown.. There is an incredible amount of different styles you can play around with. I’d recommend having a classic one in your wardrobe as a basic, and season by season go with a popular trending style.

1. Classic winter outfit: add a sweater

Knitted and oversized are the keywords here. Whether that’s cable knit, wool rib or any other style - you’ve got yourself a winner with a sweater. Wear yours with a classic black skirt for a casual look. Add a pair of ankle boots and some statement jewellery to complete the look.

2. Cardigans for women for spring

Cardigans for women are perfect for those in between seasons. I love combining a black-on-black skirt and cardigan, but hey, how about a green and white comob? Or perhaps you can give brown and grey a shot. Try out and experiment with different colour schemes!

3. Summer’s here - crop top time!

Leather skirts are just as much appropriate for summer as they are for the winter months. Show off those abs in a white crop top or black crop top along with a coloured skirt: choose a light brown or a khaki green to celebrate the sun coming through.

4. Turtleneck for fall

When the leaves start to fall we know summer’s over and we can enjoy those last beautiful sunny days before winter dawns upon us. During fall you can wear a leather skirt with a turtleneck for a basic, casual look. Add a pair of ankle boots, a leather jacket and a scarf for a complete look.

5. Season-wide: sneaker it up!

When styling with a skirt, somehow we automatically reach for the pair of booties, don’t we? It’s understandable; those booties always look perfect with the vibe the skirt is trying to set. But for once, try switching it up and try to add a pair of sneakers instead. A pair of crisp white adidas sneakers or plain black ones always look great, and if you’re looking for a casual look, they’re perfect.

With so many styling options it can still be a struggle - even with these tips! Choosing between a turtleneck and cardigans for women during the colder months, and making sure you’re comfortable with a white crop top during summer.. and last but not least: booties or sneakers?! Right, I’ve made my choice! Here’s my favourite way to style a leather skirt - year-round!

My favourite way to style a leather skirt
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