3 Leather Jacket Outfits for Men

By Sophie Tarif | Styles | Ads Disclosure | 18/02/19

What’s one thing the best dressed men of all time have in common? That’s right, they all can pull off leather jacket outfits no matter where they’re going. A day out and about like Darce Montgomery, on a cover like Chris Hemsworth or on a date like Hugh Jackman, a leather jacket is the perfect throw on jacket no matter the occasion. Though you may not be preparing for a cover shoot, you sure are going places and we all know leather jackets are one of men’s wardrobe staples.

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Leather Jacket Outfits For Men

Out & About

Whether you’re off to work, university or to hang with your mates at the local bar, take notes from Darce Montgomery (you know, that guy from Stranger Things S2).

Bomber jackets have made a huge comeback lately and a leather version is the new bomber must have.

Darce’s way of styling the leather jacket?

Black bomber leather jacket + dark blue slim fitting pants + white sneakers

Date Night

You’re off to a date night with your partner and you need a casual outfit that is comfortable but still cool? Hugh Jackman’s style is a great place for inspiration - he knows how to do casual-chic. Classic leather jacket outfits can be worn wherever and are especially fitting for a dinner and a movie. Casual, but with a wink.

Try Hugh’s outfit:

Black classic leather jacket + black slim leg jeans + Chelsea boots + hat

Special Occasions

There are a couple of special occasions taking place every year - birthdays, anniversaries, weddings.. And if you’re not the suit kind of man, that’s okay, you’ve got a great alternative, a la Chris Hemsworth. A biker leather jacket gives your outfit a bit of a spark - just look at Chris!

Chris Hemsworth’s styling option:
Biker leather jacket + black button-down slim-fit long sleeves shirt + grey slim fit formal pants + black brogues

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