How to style petite clothing

By Gal Dagan | Styles | 09/01/19

As a petite myself, I know it can be quite hard to find petite clothing that fit well and have the right cut for a petite body. Even though we can only rely on the cut designers and shops offer us, and there is only so many ‘Petite’ options out there, there are a few tips and tricks that you can use when searching for petite clothing online. I’m sharing my own experience and tips with you, and I truly hope you’ll discover something that will make your shopping experience somewhat easier as a petite. So, here we go:

How to style petite clothing, by a petite.

How to style petite clothing

Stripes, stripes, stripes

I’m obsessed with stripes, perhaps you can guess why. Vertical stripes are my go-to, most preferably in black and white. Stripes give an impression of length, and so could add some imaginary centimeters to your length. I recently purchased some petite dresses, all stripe printed - some black and white, and I even dared to go pink, white and green (gasp, I know)!

Here are some of my personal favourite petite dresses on Fashiola - check out the blue ones..

Denim lovers, rejoice!

I’m not sure about you, but denim can be a real challenge. Either the waist is too big or the pants are too long. After many trials and errors I’ve discovered that the pair of petite jeans that fit me best have a 30 inch length. So, I advise you to try on as many different lengths as possible and find that one that you look best in. No longer having to go get it adjusted, petite jeans are our salvation! Also wear mom jeans and high waisted jeans as much as you can: these flatter our length just as much due to the higher placed waist.

Long, longer, short, shorter

It’s important to know when to go long and when to go short with petite clothing. Maxi dresses or mini dresses are your best friend - stay away from midi dresses as if it were the devil! Same goes for skirts and for pants or jeans - either it’s down to your ankles or up to your thighs, no in between. When looking for petite clothing online, take that into consideration. It might look mini on a model but will end up midi on you (it has happened to me before), so make sure the measurements are correct.

Finding petite clothing online can definitely be tricky, but it gets better over time as you learn what pieces to look out for. Petite jeans and petite dresses are designed for petite bodies but sometimes can still be improved. Once you’ve found petite clothing you like, go to a seamstress. It could cost some money but then you’ll have a unique, perfect fit for you.

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