Find the jumpsuit for women that suits YOUR figure

By Jade Johnson | Styles | 16/07/18

Happy, happy birthday to our favourite one-piece! It’s been about 100 years since the jumpsuit was introduced - in 1917 workers wore them as uniforms - and it hasn’t lost any of its charm. Jumpsuit for women enjoyed its peak in the ‘70s when it was reintroduced as a fashion item, and we haven’t stopped wearing them since. Sure, the styles, models, colours and materials change from season to season to cater to specific trends and fads, but the key design remains untouched.

Now, we all know different styles and models fit different women’s body types, but it can be quite hard to actually differentiate between those body types and to distinguish which one you have. And on top of that, to know which rompers styles fit what body figure.

Don’t you worry - I’m here to help. I’ll introduce to you the different body types (including descriptions!) and I’ll assign a rompers style to each figure. By the end of this blog, you’ll be rocking a jumpsuit that fits your figure and highlights your best features!


The best jumpsuit for women for YOU

The 5 key women’s body types

O Figure (The Oval)

What we love about women with an O figure, is that they tend to have slim (long) legs. Lucky you! Show off those legs and wear jumpsuits that will camouflage the likelihood of weight around the stomach area with a low-hip cut.

What to wear > Low-hip cut shorts, with a in-designed belt or bow on your lower hip.
Favourites > Try jumpsuits in a singular colour or a denim jumpsuit instead.

A Figure (The Triangle)

Have you got wide hips, a nice big butt and narrow shoulders? A figure is your body type. Highlight your best features by wearing something fitted and adding some flair to your shoulders (think: statement short sleeves, off-the-shoulder, etc).

What to wear >  Fitted, higher waisted jumpsuit, with statement sleeves.
Favourites > prints, prints all over!

H Figure (The Rectangle)

With equal measurements around her hips and shoulders, any women with an H figure may praise herself lucky! Accentuate your shoulders, hips or waist (not all at the same time though).

What to wear > Loose fitted jumpsuits with straight cuts and classic patterns, with a belt, statement sleeve or statement hips.
Favourites > stripes, loose materials such as linen, off-the-shoulder or peplum.

X Figure (The Hourglass)

Those with an X figure have the easiest life - they’ve got the same measurements around their hips and shoulders. This way a natural narrow point occurs at their waist which should be highlighted.

What to wear > Honestly, anything goes, as long as the waist is accentuated.
Favourites > Anything as long as it is high waisted. Personal favourite: denim jumpsuit!

V Figure (The Inverted Triangle)

If you’ve got wider shoulders than hips, you’re a V figure! You probably have the luxury of finding fitting pairs of jeans (I cannot be more jealous right now). What’s most important is highlighting your hips and not your shoulders, to create an even look.

What to wear > Peplum, wide belts and anything that adds a bit of flair to your hips.
Favourites > Flowery patterns especially with a light background.

Discovering your body type is important, not only to find out which jumpsuit for women would fit you best, but overall to help you out while you’re shopping.

Of course not all women’s bodies will fit into those 5 generalized types, but even if you take a bit of advice from one type and then some other bit from another, you’ll discover what you should be focusing on.

Fav jumpsuits for women

My absolute personal favourite that luckily also fits my body type is the denim jumpsuit. I love the practicality, the material and the casual-chic look you can style it with. Discover my rompers picks below and get inspired!


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