What dress you should buy according to your zodiac sign

By Jasmine Mousavi | Styles | Ads Disclosure | 27/02/20
Let your Zodiac Sign tell you what dress to buy

Here at the Fashiola office, we share a mild obsession with Astrology. Your sign can say a whole lot about your personality, your relationships and your mood - but have you explored what it can say about your dress sense? Well, we sure have. Whenever someone is stuck on what to buy we'll send over all our go-to astrology resources and let the stars decide for us. So whether you've RSVP's to a fancy event or need a day-to-day dress, it could be that the dress you're looking is hidden in your horoscope all this time. 

Dresses According To Your Zodiac Sign

A glittery red dress

Aries a fiery, passionate and determined woman. You love showing off your body with the clothes you are wearing and you like to be the centre of attention in every way possible. Aries is one of the most confident zodiac signs and this is showing in your personal style and in the way you dress. You love figure-hugging, tight and revealing clothes. Your signature dress is a hot red dress with the optional glittery, sequin details that will make sure you are noticed by everyone in the room!


A comfy yet stylish Shirtdress 

You know this as much as I do that if the dress is not comfortable you won’t wear it. Nor are you likely to be found scrolling through the best discounts and cheap fashion thrills, you like quality brands and fabrics, things that feel right for many seasons to come. Typically Taureans are hard workers so I picture you working your way up the career ladder (or already way up there) and that’s why a shirt dress could be perfect for you. You’re fashion-forward but not really about making bold statements, so look for simple stylish cuts that you can easily dress up or down for any occasion (ease and practicality is also totally your thing).


A simple dress with a backless surprise 

As a Gemini woman, you are witty, out-going and expressive and this is also reflected in your personal style! You love expressing yourself through fashion and the clothes you are wearing represent who you are on the inside as well. Your style is playful and unique as you love to combine unusual items with one another. The colours that suit you the most are light and bright, neon is totally your thing! A backless dress is perfect for you, go for one that is simple at
 the front but has a little edge in the back - this perfectly represents your dual Gemini personality! You can mix and match this simple dress to suit your personality or go for a backless dress that already comes in a bold print. 

A pastel maxi dress

As a cancer woman, you are extremely sensitive, dreamy and romantic. You love to dress girly and your wardrobe is full of cute clothes. Your style is feminine yet comfortable and cosy, you don’t like too tight or revealing clothes and like to keep it low-key. The perfect colours for you are pink, rosé, orange and a pastel yellow. Your signature dress is a baby pink maxi dress that you can combine with cute accessories like hoop earrings or a straw hat in summer!



A velvet dress layered with statement pieces

As a Leo, your outfit is your mane attraction (get it ????). You love to spend time getting ready and putting your outfit together because you really love it when people admire you. So you put some great effort into it and it always pays off. It’s because you are very passionate, creative and bold. Therefore you always have an eye-catching piece you wear with your outfit. The base of the outfit is quite ‘simple’, like a velvet sleeveless dress. Combine this dress with burgundy turtle necks, green sweaters, pink jumpers or bright blue shirts and always wear your statement bag or shoes with it. Layering your pieces is the same as breathing for you, so layer it like no other would dare. Mix and match different necklaces and don’t forget your bombshell statement earrings.


A black bodycon dress

As a Virgo woman, you are a perfectionist with an eye for detail and therefore you also prefer practical and comfortable clothes which are stylish yet easily adaptable! The perfect colours for you are rich, earthy colours like beige, dark-brown, black and grey. Your signature item is a black bodycon dress, simple and not too extra yet figure-hugging. It gives others a glimpse of your body without revealing too much. This dress is just like you - elegant and classy but subtly playful!

Pastel coloured skater dress

You are one of those typically well-dressed people who have a style and outfit for every occasion. The style of a Libra is feminine, romantic, and luxurious. You are careful to not look too flashy and prefer something more minimalistic yet attention-grabbing in a subtle way. The best dress for you is a feminine coloured pastel skater dress in a flirty skater style. The colours you look best in and feel most you in are pastel pinks, purples, and blues. Finding a skater style dress in these colours by using our handy colour filters when you're looking for dresses.

A sexy but elegant black dress

Scorpios like to be stylish and they are not afraid of showing off their assets. You like to wear dark colors and well structured items - depending on the occasion, you will go for a sexy black dress that shows off your legs. For a night out, you like to wear a simple but yet elegant tank top. In general, you know what you like and in what you look good. Even if wearing dark colors is your thing, you also dare to wear bold colors mixed with big accessories.


A strong, bold blazer dress

Sagittarius is the most passionate traveller among all zodiac signs. As a sag woman, you are a free spirit and really value your independence. You love to experience life to the fullest and you are a brave adventurer by heart. The same goes for your sense of fashion, you love to try out new combinations and make bold statements with your clothing. Your perfect match is a blazer dress as it is a reinvention of a classic and reflects your core values as you love to try out new things in order to transform and evolve.

A sexy silk slip dress

As a Capricorn woman, you are disciplined, structured and sophisticated. When it comes to fashion, you love structuring your whole wardrobe and putting certain labels on different outfits. You have a section of clothes just for work, practical items you can combine with everything and special pieces that you wear to parties. As a sophisticated Capricorn, you love wearing only the best fabrics like silk and leather. Your signature dress is a silk slip dress, most likely you'll pick something elegant yet fresh like lilac, that emphasizes your love for everything glamorous and high class.


Red asymmetrical dress

You are an adventurous and rebellious person who likes to think outside of the box when it comes to fashion. As an Aquarius woman, you love bright colours and have a style that can change in the blink of an eye. One of your signature colours is red - although you also love blue - and red dresses are your signature look. To add a little excitement to your dress an asymmetrical style is what looks best on you and shows who you are on the outside.


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