Cute Beach Outfits that have OOO written all over them

By Annabel van Eijk | Styles | 16/10/19
Cute Beach Outfits that have OOO written all over them

You’ve successfully pre-written your OOO email, you’ve looked up your destination a million times on Instagram and you can’t stop snoozing away to vacay life – now all you need is a few great, nay, fabulous and cute beach outfits. We’ve rounded up a few different looks with plenty of beach headwear so you can get packing and get outta here for that well-deserved beach holiday.

Cute Beach Outfits that have OOO written all over them

The Coolest girl on the Block (I mean beach)

We don’t all squeal at the sight of floral mini dresses and glamorous straw hats, some us just want that low-effort look. You are on holiday after all. Whether you’re catching waves like the cool surf girl you are or if you’re just relaxing on the beach, you don’t have to look like you’re trying too hard. Grab a big T-shirt and some shorts and just head off to the beach, if you’re on a romantic trip with your boyfriend - even better just steal his T-shirts. To spice things up, use accessories that are cool as much as necessary. A bold and on-trend pair of sunglasses to protect you from the sun and a colourful scrunchie to put your hair up will do the trick. To up your beach headwear game, why not throw in a bucket hat – it’s both practical and effortlessly cool.

Cute Beach Outfits that have OOO written all over them

The Beach to brunch and back summer outfit 

A beach holiday doesn’t have to mean you’re lazing around on the beach all day. If you’re just heading to the beach for a couple of hours or even just for a quick swim, walking around in that floaty kaftan is not going to be great for all those other activities you have lined up for the day. In this case, I’m all for a loose linen white shirts that are super breathable, chic and polished yet still has that floaty quality to it. Take a straw bag with you when you’re heading to brunch in between beach sessions or going to the market, these bags will fit eeeeeverything! For footwear I’d go for sandals rather than flip flops, it feels just slightly more dressed up but still won’t cost so much fuss with sand and all that. To finish it off you can’t go wrong with a pair of denim shorts, but a simple floral midi skirt or black mini skirt will work well as well. 


7 vacation outfits that have OOO written all over them

Sunset stroll and beach dates

The sun setting on the beach, your hair salted and curly from the sea, your skin glowing and the waves crashing softly. Is that not romantic or what? For those warm evenings by the beach, it’s fun to just get a little more dressed up than you did while hanging out on a sunbed. One of our favourite cute beach outfits would have to be a sexy silk or satin slip dress in a pastel shade or white will show off that tan of yours, and just give you a little stylish break from the easy-going beach holiday outfits. I’d either skip the makeup or wear very little because sweat is basically highlighter and you have that summer glow anyway. Instead, play around with some colourful jewellery or more subtle gold jewellery. A cute clutch and a comfortable pair of heeled sandals that you can take off and hold while you slip your toes in the sand or walk along the coast.


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Cute Beach Outfits that have OOO written all over them

The “Oh me, I’m just here living my best life,” look

Oh, look at you, living your best life at the beach. You’ve picked one of those beach clubs that make you feel like you’re some kind of celebrity while you forget how many mojitos you actually ordered. You might as well dress the part. When it comes to looking glamorous at the beach, it’s all about channelling that inner retro goddess in you. For beach headwear, that means big, big straw hats or chic headbands and swimwear that has that sixties feel to it with an extra high waist or polka dots. Get yourself a sarong to tie at your waist and take cute photos on the beach.

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