All the fashion on my Christmas Wishlist

By Annabel van Eijk | Styles | Ads Disclosure | 03/12/19
All the fashion on my Christmas Wishlist

All I want for Christmas is everything on this Christmas gift wishlist, is that too much to ask? Whether you’re stuck on what to ask for this Christmas or trying to find the perfect gift for the fashion-obsessed ladies in your life - this Fashion Gift Wishlist has got your back. Santa knows a whole lot about toys, but does he know what on-trend fashion items we’re lusting after this season? I'd rather not take the risk. 

Alexa Play "All I Want For Christmas by Mariah Carey.” We’re getting in the mood for Holiday Season.


All I want for Christmas is: Everything On This Fashion Gift Wishlist

Luxury Lingerie

I’m not sure this is something we’re wishing for from our brothers and dads, but I’m sure we know who to ask for this. It doesn’t have to be whoever will be seeing it (*wink *wink) but I’m not afraid of buying my sister cute bralettes or a satin nightdress. There’s something about luxury lingerie that makes you feel like a million bucks and that’s a fun gift to give, for so little fabric. Go for steamier pieces if it’s the type of present you’re planning to give outside of the whole family get together or comfy luxury lingerie for more PG 13 gift-giving.

All I want for Christmas is: Everything On This Fashion Gift Wishlist

I’ve-never-felt-such-comfort PJ 

Give the gift of sweet, sweet stylish sleep with comfy pyjamas. I cannot tell you how happy I am to receive fresh new pyjamas, even if it’s the only gift my mum can think of each year (it’s ok I always get her home slippers). Once I unwrap the flannel goodness I’ll race up to the bedroom and change into my new comfy pyjamas, new year new me - new pyjamas. I’m all for the warmer the better type of nightwear but if you think a stylish silk set, satin bathrobe or nightgown is more her thing then go for that of course.


All the fashion on my Christmas Wishlist

Little Luxuries

This Holiday season I've got my eye on the littlest luxuries; subtle bling that adds just touch or gold or silver to your look. I wish it wasn't the case but there's something about jewellery that's just nicer to receive than to buy yourself, even when it's not a big diamond ring. I'd be happiest with minimal details, a pair of gold or silver hoop earrings is always a safe bet as well as simple rings you can stack. 


All I want for Christmas is: Everything On This Fashion Gift Wishlist

A Stand Out Phone Case 

I don’t know about you, but either I get bored of my phone case after a few months or the simple see-through color starts to get a little gross and it’s really time for a new one. Phone cases are basically our new designer bags, so have a look at some of the luxury labels to really treat her. I also have my eye on phone cases with straps to just let the whole thing be totally hands-free yet secure for my commute to work. Have a look through our selection to find something that just screams her personality, that’s the one she’ll love. Mine? Something with a little bit of humor always works, or the Miu Miu diamond ring phone case - that one works too...


All I want for Christmas is: Everything On This Fashion Gift Wishlist

A Killer Watch 

Ok, I should really stop being unrealistic about what I want for Christmas, but I’ll know you really love me if I find a Cartier watch under the tree. But there’s no need to worry if that’s twice what you pay for rent, there are plenty of gorgeous watches out there to treat your girl with. I’m loving the timeless appeal of the latest Timex watches, the girly Olivia Burton watch designs and cool streamlined style of Skagen watches. And I must say, I’ve mocked smartwatches for a while now but the ones brands are designing are really starting to change my mind.


All I want for Christmas is: Everything On This Fashion Gift Wishlist

Anything From my Favourite Brands 

What my favourite brands are right now might not be the same as the lucky women on the receiving end of your gift-giving. But, if she’s into fashion and seems to look unbearably on-trend sometimes then there’s a good chance she’ll love these brands too. You’re safe with anything from Ganni or Stine Goya for an Ultra-cool Scandinavian style. Staud bags are having a serious moment right now and for more of a budget & Other Stories is pretty much the brand of the moment for trendy staples. A little hack here? Check her Instagram to see what brands she’s following. If you’re asking for gifts, think about some of the brands you’re obsessing over and use this opportunity to get a little something from one of these brands.


All the fashion on my Christmas Wishlist

The Bag of my bag Dreams

I’m currently on a mission to plant a little seed of an idea in my boyfriend’s brain to get an A.P.C bag for me. We’ll see if it’s working. In any case, most of us have a bag in our head that we’re slightly obsessed with but somehow can’t seem to find a good enough excuse to splurge on. Yes, Gucci, Prada and all those designer delights make very glamorous gifts but we don’t all have these (slight cliche) bags on top of our wishlist. I’ve selected a few classic bags that are having some hype around them as well as bags from iconic affordable-luxury labels like Coach. But listen carefully, she might already be hinting at the bag of her dreams already…


If you're thinking ok, ok she doesn't have THAT much on her Christmas Wishlist, you are highly mistaken. I have made another page with all the things I've found on Fashiola that I would be more than happy to receive this Christmas. Check out all the things on my Christmas Wishlist here

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