Can You Wear Velvet in Summer?

By Sophie Tarif | Styles | 24/10/18

We’ve seen, fallen in love and worn velvet the last season or two over and over again, which raises the question whether velvet should strictly be worn during the colder months of the year. Sure, the soft material just begs to keep you warm whether you’re opting for a pair of boots or for a slip dress - but wait, is that it? Are we supposed to lock away our precious velvet dress or knee high boots? Or should we continue to wear our velvet in summer?

Can You Wear Velvet in Summer?

Your natural instinct might say no - after all, luxurious materials like velvet are usually associated with cold, rain and snow. But if that’s the case, why are we seeing everyone taking out their velvet on the street in their summer outfits? And why are our favourite brands and shops continue to offer velvet summer clothes, designed so it's perfect for a summer day?

So here I draw the simple conclusion - you can and you should wear velvet in summer! More so, I encourage you to do so! Today, sustainability of fashion and re-wearing your beloved items in a new way is the talk of the town. So instead of shutting away items you can easily wear during the summer - keep them in your SS wardrobe and wear this 80s fashion favourite, summer style.

Can You Wear Velvet in Summer?

How to Wear Velvet in Your Summer Outfits

We are driving away from the dark shades and the winter items we’ve been rocking for a while, and for SS18/19 focus on…

  • pastels

  • wide leg pants

  • strappy tops

Combining velvet with your summer clothes staples is an easy fix. A pair of high waisted denim levi's shorts and your worn-off chucks will look fabulous with a cropped velvet top.

Can You Wear Velvet in Summer?

Or for work appropriate summer outfits, go for a pair of velvet wide leg pants, a white tee and a pair of loafers. Office ready? I thought so.

For a romantic night with your partner or simply for a night out, a velvet dress (slip, mini, or sleeveless) and a pair of mules is all you need.

Love this 80s fashion throwback? If you’re into bringing the past into the present simply double up on trends, wear velvet x metallics, acid denim or neon.

If you’d rather stay in the present, then velvet cami tops are your go-to for this season. Easy and breezy, you can incorporate them into the summer outfits you’re planning.

2019 summer clothes x VELVET

Looking for the best ways to incorporate velvet and 2018/2019 spring summer trends? Here’s how.

  • wear whites (clean as a virgin)

  • balloon sleeves (another 80 fashion throwback)

  • add something logofied (literally, anything)

  • florals (surprise, surprise)

  • velvet suits (bring out the girl boss in you)

Yeah, wearing velvet in summer can be tricky - but you can be rest assured you’ll see me wandering about in it. My personal go-to? You can not go wrong with a baby pink velvet dress.

Are you going to wear velvet in summer? Show me your velvet summer outfits - create a stylebook or even better, tag us @fashiola_ on instagram and who knows.. you might get featured!

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