4 Bags Trends We Love For 2017

By Ana Filipa | Styles | 13/02/17
4 Bags Trends We Love For 2017

Just like shoes, bags are top priority when it comes to our wardrobes. So it is only natural that when a new trend hits, you have the urge to refresh your collection right away. However, it’s just not practical to buy everything at once and we think that quality and variety are certainly more important than quantity. With this in mind, take a look at our 4 favourite trends for handbags that you can safely invest in this summer.

The Best Bags for 2017

The Tote Bag

This is the truly universal bag, one that you can use with everything. Black is basic and goes well with pretty much everything that is already in your wardrobe. If you need space, this is also the ideal bag as its size means you can easily carry around all your your essentials and maybe even a few more things. Laptops, extra shoes, even a book can all easily fit in these tote bags.

The Fringed Bag

Anything fringed always makes me think of a boho hippie effect and these bags certainly work for that look. The fringed bag is perfect for wearing with jeans or a long printed dress. It has all the colors, but our favorite has to be the caramel, it looks beautiful with everything.

The Trunk Bag

Synonymous with absolute elegance, this bag that combines two or three colors has everything to be a classic. We love chic combinations of colour and a personal favourite is beige, white and blue or even deep red, brown and white. With any of these handbags you can make a statement and turn even a basic look into something with personality.

The Mini Statement Bag

This bag is one of my favorites for this season and probably deserves to be the start of its own blog. Unlike the tote bag which has space for everything, the mini bag is compact, creating a clean and super unique look. What's even better is that mini handbags are a great way to finally buy your first designer bag with a miniature price tag.


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