3 Ways to Wear Men’s Chelsea Boots to the Office

By Nina van Boxtel | Styles | 27/11/18

Rock stars’ favourite, the chelsea boot is a timeless one. Worn by the greatest (think The Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Elvis in his earlier days), though this boot was introduced in the Victorian time, it’s reinvented season after season to fit today’s styles and trends. It’s a must have for every man’s wardrobe - trust me, you’ll see why. It’s a great way to switch up your daily office outfits and upgrade into a more business casual vibe. For your inspiration I’ve put together three looks you can wear with chelsea boots that are still business attire appropriate:

  1. Business casual outfit

  2. Laid-back business attire

  3. Semi formal men looks

business casual

3x How to Wear Chelsea Boots

1. Business casual outfit

A fantastic way to incorporate the boot is by styling it with a pair of fitted formal pants, a business shirt and a simple, classic black blazer. It’s the epitome of simple yet sophisticated and if you stick to this business casual styling option, you’re sure to never go wrong, no matter the dress code of your office. What’s more, this is an easy day-to-night look that you can easily wear to after work drinks. The boot fits really well into this styling vibe as it’s not too dressed up like a pair of dress shoes but it’s not too casual, like say, a pair of sneakers.

Wearing Chelsea Boots: business casual

2. Laid-back business attire

If your office does prefer a more stricter dress code you must adhere to but you’re sick of the same old suit-formal-shoes combo, the chelsea boot is a great way to change things up without striking away from the business attire code. Wear a suit with a higher-leg boot and play around with materials - suede goes really well with wool-blended blazers and pants. You can choose for a light-coloured boot if you’re up for the challenge, and otherwise simply go for the classic black.

Wearing Chelsea Boots: laid-back business attire

3. Semi formal men looks

Semi formal can mean a lot of different things in different contexts, so if you’re looking to copy the following outfit make sure it’s according to the dress code of your office. Let’s say semi formal men outfits here means you can go a bit more casual than otherwise, so in this instance you can wear a pair of coloured chinos (let’s go for classic army green), a classic white structured shirt and a pair of grey chelsea boots. You can add a waistcoat in there if you like them for a bit more of a formal vibe.

Wearing Chelsea Boots: semi formal looks

Our Favourite Chelsea Boots

Here’s a round-up of our favourite chelsea boots around the office… go on, have a look and get inspired!

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