3 Tips for muslim clothing for Eid celebrations

By Sophie Tarif | Styles | 17/05/18

Eid and Ramadan are the perfect excuse for a wardrobe refresh. Whilst you spend quality time with friends and family celebrating, wearing appropriate islamic clothing that are fashionable and cheerful at the same time are a must. As Ramadan and Eid fall this year during fall and into the beginning of winter, it’s not the hardest thing to find stylish, warm eid clothes to wear. But how to cheer up those dark outfits?

Here are my 3 tips for muslim clothing you should wear throughout Ramadan and while celebrating Eid:

  1. Flowery patterns
  2. Business casual
  3. Eid dresses
3 Tips for muslim clothing for Eid celebrations

3 ideas for islamic clothing for Eid

1. Brighten your outfit with flowery patterns

What better way to cheer up the darker days than with some pretty patterns for your eid clothes? After you’ve had time for some self-reflection, it’s time to experiment with some new muslim clothing styles. You may not be the biggest patterns fan, but no worries, there are plenty of soft, tasteful patterns that you could try out.

With pleated skirts and different prints coming back into fashion, you don’t need to grab you good old black maxi skirt and cardigan anymore. You can mix it up, stay elegant in appropriate muslim clothing whilst staying on trend a la 2018.

Try out a flowery patterned pleated maxi skirt with a high neck blouse for the basics of your outfit. Add a pair of patterned kitten heels, a black belt bag and a minimalist necklace to complete your outfit. With this outfit for Eid you're also covering some other 2018 trends: kitten heels & bum bags.

3 Ideas for muslim clothing for Eid

2. Business causal x muslim clothing

During the month you’ll might need some proper dressed up looks for some formal events. In this case, opt for another trend I’m loving and is fit for islamic clothing codes: the wide leg trousers.

Easy to style with a colourful blouse, you’ve got your base ready. According to your personal style you could add a pair of brogues or go with a pair of ankle boots. Add a shoulder bag and a pair of statement earrings and you’re ready to go.

3 Ideas for muslim clothing for Eid

3. Eid dresses

Here’s a fashion item you can wear to any occasion, regardless of how formal or casual: maxi dresses. They’re your perfect solution to rainy, colder days and you can still celebrate with these splashy Eid dresses. Don’t hold back on the colour or the pattern and go for a vibrant look with matching accessories and a classic black pair of heels.

With my 3 tips for muslim clothing for Eid celebrations I’m sure you’ll look the part. Whether you go for the flowery patterns, the business casual wide leg trousers or you opt for the Eid dresses featured, you’re sure to experiment with something new. Eid Mubarak from all of us at Fashiola!

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