Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019: Styles We'd Like to Stay Or Throw Away

By Gal Dagan | Styles | 03/01/19

It's time.

2018 is almost over with, 2019 is lurking behind the shadows so before we pop the champagne and congratulate ourselves on surviving yet another fun but exhausting year - here's a round-up of the Fashiola's team of world-wide fashion highlights of this year.

What did we love & want to stay? What did we hate & want to throw away?

Read on to find out..

Bye 2018: Styles We'd Like to Stay Or Throw Away

Styles We Loved & Want To Stay

There weren't many styles or trends we all could agree on should stay in the game next year, but hey, with 25 different personalities, nationalities and tastes in one office, that could never be. 

A few things our editors loved..

Chunky Sneakers
They were like a classic pop song: you hate them when you first see them, but they grow on you and all of a sudden, you're their biggest fan. Oops. Nothing we can do anything about. 

'80s Throwbacks
There were plenty of those around 2018 and we kind of loved this return to the 80s. Our favourites were:

  • Bum bags
  • Loose fitting mom jeans
  • Balloon sleeves
Goodbye 2018: Styles We'd Like to Stay Or Throw Away

Slip Dresses
The perfect throw-on dress of this year, we loved how the slip dress was easy to put on a t-shirt and go. Simple, classic, sophisticated!

Styles We Hated & Want To Throw Away

The vast majority of our team hated the following styles...

Cycling Shorts
It's great for the supermodel's street style, but for the majority of regular women (like any one of us)? No no, no no...

Goodbye 2018: Styles We'd Like to Stay Or Throw Away

Small Sunglasses
Sure, they look good now, but in a year or two we'll be laughing at ourselves because they will just look ridiculous to us.. which is what they are. 

Neon Us Down
Sorry, we're just not the biggest fans of this specific '80s trend. We'd wish we could leave this one for the '80s parties but not for the day to day wear. 

2019 Trends We See Are Coming..

We're not gifted, we can guarantee you that, but here are some gems we think we'll love next year..

Top Handle Bags
They've been here for a little while but we believe they'll become one of 2019's must have items - no matter where you are in the world.

Leather tops, leather skirts, leather jackets... you'll be seeing a lot more leather or faux leather around! A good option to invest in.

Suit Up
Suits have indeed been a big part of the last quarter of 2018 and they're rolling with us into 2019. Small tweaks include fine tailoring (big, boxy cuts are out) and skirt-suit (hi, is this Cher?) options.

Goodbye 2018: Styles We'd Like to Stay Or Throw Away

Which styles you have been loving and hating? Let us know in the comments.

From all of us at Fashiola HQ, we wish you a Happy New Year, full of amazing fashion moments! 

Love GalGal Dagan

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