Your Easter Wardrobe with Vestiaire Collective

By Montse De Toro | Sponsored | Sponsored | 06/08/18
Your Easter Wardrobe with Vestiaire Collective

It’s been quite a while since we’ve had some time off (remember Christmas?.. neither do I), the long Easter weekend is almost upon us! Finally, we’ll have some time to relax, see family and eat loads of chocolate.

Your Easter wardrobe with

We’re starting our Easter preparations and looking at different options on how to spend Easter this year. Perhaps a quick getaway is in your plans, a city trip or a camping weekend. Whether you’re doing one or the other, or planning on staying home for an Easter Show, we’re prepping our Easter wardrobe to fit our agenda and the weather. The best place to find our Easter essentials is; it has everything we need in one place!

Are you planning to travel or see family that live far away? You are then most likely to take the plane, and the very first thing we’re looking at is a travel bag. Since Easter is only a long weekend, we won’t need something big, a weekend bag will suffice. It’s wise to invest in a quality bag, perhaps something of your favourite luxury designer, so it will last you a long time and you’ll be able to reuse it every weekend getaway. travel essentials

Once we’ve chosen the perfect weekend bag, we must also choose a somewhat smaller bag that would be a great fit for every occasion; we don’t want to carry that weekend bag around all day, do we? Opt here for a day-to-day shopper or tote, as you’re sure to be running around trying to see every family member or trying to visit an Easter show and then catch some sun on the beach. On you’ll be able to find your dream tote or shopper at the best price possible. If you deem it necessary, you can always add a clutch to your suitcase in case you’re planning to go out at night.

The biggest advantage of is that you can find anything and everything at the best price. It doesn’t matter what your plans are or what kind of weather you’re going to be in. Are you heading to Victoria? Knowing Melbourne’s weather, you better pack a leather jacket in case the temperatures go down suddenly. It’s the 4 seasons in 1 day city and it’s best to come prepared for sun, rain, and everything in between. has all your favourite designers and you’re sure to find what you need for your Easter weekend.

Planning to visit the northern states? Don’t wait much longer and find swimwear you’ll love. Take your favourite dresses, shorts and tops with you and don’t forget to grab your thongs, sunnies, hat and a beach bag you’re sure to use while you’re there!

On you are sure to find your dream items, high quality, at the best price and made by your favourite luxury designers. You will not regret investing in timeless items that will never go out of style and you’re sure to use many, many times!

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