How To best Reorganise & Refresh Your Wardrobe: The Detox Guide

By Teresa Bovo | Sponsored | Sponsored | 20/08/18

Fanny Moizant, the co-founder of Vestiaire Collective, is a true fashion addict. Thanks to years of experience and some simple but effective rules, Fanny has learned how to (re)organise and refresh her wardrobe in the most efficient manner. Want to know what the secret to creating a perfect wardrobe is? So did we, and so we had a chat with Fanny. She spilled all her darkest secrets on how she maintains the most perfect wardrobe throughout summer, autumn, winter and spring, and all that without being stuck in her room for ever. I mean, when I start to clean out my closet, it just becomes one big hell of a mess. 

No longer! If you want a beautifully maintained wardrobe without the use of a wardrobe organiser, read on to find out how even the most chaotic person on earth (me) succeeded to reorganise their wardrobe by following Fanny's rules.

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It's detox time! How to best organise your wardrobe with the help of Vestiaire Collective's Fanny Moizant.

Let's start with some basic tips on how to best organise a wardrobe. How often do you dedicate time for a real fashion detox in your closet?

Personally, I try to "revise" my wardrobe constantly. I have a very critical eye on what I wear, on the pieces I love as well as on those that I hardly ever use. So, I try to rearrange my wardrobe at least once a week. I carefully choose a garment I have not worn for some time and place it out of the closet, and then sell it over the weekend. However, when the seasons change, those are the moments in which I dedicate myself to arranging my wardrobe more thoroughly.

What are you selling on Vestiaire Collective right now?

A pair of Celine sneakers, a Racil Bowie jacket, a pair of Vetements heels, a Stella McCartney jacket and a Louis Vuitton travel bag. And again, a blouse by Victoria Beckham this season, some heels by Prada and Gianvito Rossi, a watch by Hermés...

The key to achieving the perfect wardrobe seems to be to release ourselves from those pieces which we aren't sure of, but still keep in our wardrobe. How long do you tend to wait before deciding to actually sell a piece of your wardrobe?

Few weeks! Often, I realise that there are clothes that I love but that, for various reasons, I never really wear. The secret lies in never waiting too long before opting for the sale. A garment that, to date, you really struggled to wear is unlikely to turn into your favourite piece in the time frame of 6 or 12 months.

When it comes to organising a wardrobe as efficiently as possible, are there any rules that we can keep in mind?

Yes, of course. To begin with, I always start based on what I like to call the rule of one in, one out: I try to always sell an old garment before buying a new one to use the money earned to finance my new purchase. It seems to me that it is the best strategy for shopping consciously and at the same time avoiding your wardrobe blowing up.

The second rule that I always keep in mind is the size of my wardrobe: I personally like to be able to view my entire wardrobe at a glance. I just cannot afford to waste time, every morning, combing through piles and piles of clothes looking for something to wear. The perfect wardrobe for me must be practical, super-efficient and well organised by the type of garment and colour. This way I am forced to reorganise my wardrobe with a certain frequency: if there is something I do not wear anymore, I will have to make sure to get rid of it to make room for something better.

How To best Reorganise & Refresh Your Wardrobe: The Detox Guide

What were the best deals you made on Vestiaire Collective as a seller?

The best deals are undoubtedly those with which you can sell your items in a matter of seconds. I always prefer to sell my products at a slightly lower price, so I can sell them quickly!

Returning to our tips & tricks on how to best organize a wardrobe, what advice would you give to those who intend to clean up their closet for the first time?

For the most insecure ones, I would recommend using the hanger trick! At each change of season, organize your wardrobe by arranging all the hangers in the same direction. Whenever you wear one of your items, place the hanger in the opposite direction. In just a few weeks you will realize which items you genuinely wear and those that you can consider selling. On average, women wear only 40% -60% of their wardrobe. Get rid of the rest!

The perfect wardrobe must be, for you, first of all, well organised and relatively small in size. What are the key pieces of your wardrobe?

For the current season the key pieces of my wardrobe are: 3 coats, 3 dresses, 4 skirts, 10 shirts, 8 pullovers, 12 jeans, 5 t-shirts, 10 pairs of shoes and 7 bags. I try to keep a fairly minimalist approach, as much as I LOVE fashion. My motto has always been "less is more". I definitely prefer to distinguish myself by wearing a single statement piece, rather than opting for an overly redundant look.

In addition, I now know my taste and my body very well, and over the years I have learned to make the most of my figure; my official "uniform" basically consists of a pair of jeans, a shirt or a simple knitwear garment, which I will then go on to more or less accessorise, depending on the day.

You seem to have a rather steady attitude in terms of shopping and, above all, when it comes to buying and selling quality pieces. Do you think reselling in order to invest in new purchases is a key component of a sustainable approach to the fashion world?

Definitely. I cannot bear the idea of ​ "disposable" fashion. To me, it seems like a waste, as I dislike the idea of ​​purchasing pieces that deform after only having been worn a few times. I like to wear something and feel that it is a quality garment: the fabric, the cut, the texture… And, since I hate waste on the one hand, and on the other hand, I have a budget so flexible but not unlimited in terms of shopping, I can say I am a convinced supporter of the resale. Reselling is the best option for us fashion lovers, as it gives us the opportunity to support the creativity of our favourite designers and to protect, at the same time, the environment.

How To best Reorganise & Refresh Your Wardrobe: The Detox Guide

In order to keep a well-maintained wardrobe that is refreshed on a regular basis, simply follow Fanny's rules - it's all about cleaning, ordering and organising. Yes, I know sometimes that can be difficult, given that you're a busy bee, but with a few hours every once in a while you'll get there. Especially eliminating pieces you've given up on wearing will clear up a good amount of space. There's no saying no to that!

January and February are the ideal months to start putting our good intentions into practice and to dedicate ourselves to some healthy detox activities, starting with our wardrobe. So go on, make a start and in no time you'll have a perfectly organised wardrobe, like me!

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