5 Tips on How to Take Care of Your Black Outfits

By Jade Johnson | Sponsored | Ads Disclosure | 27/05/19

Let’s admit it - we’re all deeply obsessed with wearing black outfits. But sometimes it can be a bit of a struggle knowing how to take care of your black clothes and make sure they’re as pretty as ever. There are about 1000 reasons why I love black, and I’m pretty sure you do too. Whether it’s a black skinny jeans, black top or a classic little black dress, if you’d look in an average gal’s wardrobe you’d find a minimum of 50% in black.

So let’s get to it: how should you take care of your black clothes so that they look new every day?

Use these 5 tips:

  1. Pick quality

  2. Think logically

  3. Use the wonder formula

  4. Discover the secret to washing

  5. Use the right cleaning materials

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Your Black Outfits As New - Learn How To

Pick quality

First thing first: when you buy, buy high quality clothing and brands. You could buy something cheap but then, you can’t wonder how the colour fades. You get what you put in. One brand I consider my go-to for well-cut, modern silhouettes, high-quality materials is Cue. Discover clothing you’ll want to wear over and over, but will still look brand new (if you use my tips!).

Think logically

If you dry your black clothes in the sun… Then imagine me shaking my head at you with disbelief. It’s all about rational thinking - would the sun fade away the colour? Of course it would. So don’t do it. Every time you do something to your black outfits, simply stop for a moment and think ‘is this a logical step in taking care of my clothes?’ if your mother would say no, then you’ve got your answer.

Use the wonder formula

Come close as I’m going to reveal an ancient formula to taking good care of your black clothes…. dip them in a vinegar + water solution (1:1/2 ratio) and then wash them at a 30 degree temperature and a special black clothes liquid which you can find in any store. Your beloved black pants will thank you for it.

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Discover the secret to washing

Maybe one of the most important tips I can give you has to do with your washing regime. There are a couple of points to remember:

  • Wash pants and jeans inside out, zip up the fly & button them closed. While taking them out of the machine to dry, flip them outside-in as per usual and then let them dry on a rack (out of direct sunlight);

  • Only use washing liquids - powders are your enemy;

  • Wash on 30 degrees max. Any hotter and the colour fades;

  • When ironing, or just in general if you don’t iron - use a lint roller;

  • If you’re up for it and you trust yourself, darken your clothes from time to time using a dye.

How to remove white spots from black clothing

We’re all aware of these annoying little spots coming onto our black clothing. There’s an answer!

  • Believe me or don’t, but the ultimate solution to this is… soaking your clothes in tea. It presents the formation of bright spots!

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How do you take care of your black outfits? Let me know below in the comments!

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