All-new wardrobe with Vestiaire Collective

By Teresa Bovo | Sponsored | Sponsored | Ads Disclosure | 06/08/18

After a long and warm summer, autumn has finally arrived in Australia. And even though we can still enjoy nice weather with quite some sun, I can’t wait for the colder days when I can layer jumpers and sweaters. The time has come to pack up our summer wear for the time being, and get out the jackets, coats and pairs of pants. I decided to take advantage of the change of seasons and reorganize my wardrobe and clean up the stacks of t-shirts, shorts and other junk that I managed to accumulate in an absolutely disproportionate way the last couple of months (whoops!). And for this mission (perhaps a mission impossible, one might say), I decided to trust my partner in crime when it comes to fashion, Vestiaire Collective.

All-new wardrobe with Vestiaire Collective

It’s time to renew our wardrobe with Vestiaire Collective!

Did you know that you could resell your own items and accessories that have been laying around in your closet for a good price on Vestiaire Collective? All that in addition to being one of the most important vintage and luxury fashion retailers! Personally, I admire Vestiaire Collective’s mission to form a fashion community: a network of fashion lovers who may be looking for unique and rare pieces and are willing to resell their own items in a quick and practical manner. It’s convenient, it’s responsible and it’s sustainable; you’re financing your own future purchases!

To those who just like me have decided to devote themselves to a healthy reorganization of their wardrobe, I recommend to make it fun. How? It’s quite simple: plan a free afternoon with your girlfriends to dedicate yourselves to a wardrobe detox. Prepare a great playlist with all your favourite tunes, make some tea, bake (or purchase) some pastries and maybe even bring out the bubbles (the occasion requires it, after all!). Et voilà, instead of a dreadful, never-ending afternoon sorting out your wardrobe, you’ve got yourself a fun day cleaning, eating, drinking and chatting with your friends!

Don’t forget that once you’ve finished cleaning and reorganizing everything in your wardrobe, you will have more room left for new items! You can sit together with your friends and have a peek at all the latest arrivals and the most amazing must-haves of the season on Vestiaire Collective!

I’ve already had a bit of time to go through my wardrobe in my head and I’ve already identified a couple of items that I’m definitely going to sell, with the help of Vestiaire Collective: a couple of belts and a vintage bag, bought several years ago, that unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to wear or use lately. Thinking about some girl, out there in the world, who will be so happy with these items cheers me up!

All-new wardrobe with Vestiaire Collective

I also have to admit that I’m already looking forward to the moment when I will be able to afford a new special purchase for autumn! I am in need of some new work wear: a nice blazer, for example, is on my wish list for this season. After all, a classic model in linen or cotton can be combined with everything and will fit right in with the rest of my wardrobe.

The designer jackets and loafers are another two items I’m looking to purchase on Vestiaire Collective, another winning pick for autumn! Not to mention the shoulder bags and handbags that just landed on the site.. In short, anyone (like me), who is looking to rely on the luxury marketplace Vestiaire Collective to renew their wardrobe for autumn, will be spoiled with choice...


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