The Best Of 2019 Clearance Sale

By Gal Dagan | Sales | 15/02/19

What’s our favourite time of year? Clearance sale time, of course! It’s the perfect time to save money while revamping your wardrobe - especially when you shop online. Here at Fashiola you can find an easy overview of all the sales on now, the different discount codes and special last-minute offers that come in… all that, while you’re relaxing on your couch in the comfort of your own home!

In a sense, Fashiola works like a huge department store online where you can find literally everything you’re looking for. Clothes, footwear, sportswear, swimwear & accessories. A never-ending heaven! The difference between a department store and Fashiola is that you can shop sale items the way you’re most comfortable: whether that’s in your pyjamas in bed, wearing your loungewear on the couch or even while taking a bath! Fashiola’s here for you to discover what’s on sale & bring you only the best of brands and shops.

sale on now

Search, Filter & Find in the Clearance Sale

When you’re looking for what’s on sale, there are different ways to approach your online shopping spree. You can…

  • Discover new shops from our shops overview

  • Explore the brands page for sale items

  • Check out our discount codes page for the latest offers

  • Simply go into our search engine, click on a few filters & browse away

How To Filter the Clearance Sale

If you’re new (hi there!), you might be a bit puzzled as to how to use our magnificent search engine. No worries, I’m here to explain it all step by step and in no time you’ll be shopping all the sales on now!

Step 1.
Click onto your department (women, men, kids) in the menu.

Step 2.
Choose a category you’d like to browse, or don’t choose one at all if you want to see a mix of different sale items!

Step 3.
Scroll down and view the filter possibilities on the left of your screen. Firstly, under the header ‘SALE’ you can pick what level of discount you’d like; up to 20% off,  up to 50% off or up to 70% off.

Step 4.
View the other filter possibilities as well:

  • Brands

  • Price

  • Size

  • Colour

  • Material

  • Shop

Step 5.
Browse & shop items on sale!

sale items

The Best Of Clearance Sale

Up To 20% Off

Up To 50% Off

Up To 70% Off

Have a happy sale on now spree!

Love GalGal Dagan

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