The Best of End of Season Sale

By Gal Dagan | Sales | Ads Disclosure | 21/05/19

What's the best season of the year? End of Season Sale season! It's the time when you can really let yourself go and shop till you drop, because let's be honest, we're actually saving some money during sale time (I keep telling myself this). But as we all know, sale time can be stressing because there's truly so much to go through, sometimes I don't even know where to begin if I don't have something very specific in mind.

I can imagine I'm not the only one, so I've done a round through our office and spoke with some of our lovely editors to see what they're buying on sale. A group of fashion editors surely would give you some ideas as to what to go for this sale season.

If you'd ask me where I go to for sale shopping, it would be FarFetch. They've got a huge selection of luxury & high street brands I know and love, but they also bring in new designers continually so I discover new styles every season. They constantly add new styles to their sale so you're never bored of styles you've already seen.

The Best of End of Season Sale

Fashiola's End of Season Sale Favourites

I've asked my lovely colleagues to give you some ideas for this sale.

If there's truly one thing I always look out for, it's boots. You can never ever go wrong with a pair of black, leather ankle boots. They're an essential for every wardrobe and even though I've already got some pairs in my wardrobe, I feel like you can never have enough.

During big sale times like these I like to look around the bag section, specifically handbags. I think that a handbag is something to invest money in, so purchasing a luxury bag is a wise investment. That's why handbags are my go-to for end of season sales!

I usually focus on really big purchases when it comes to end of season sales, like a winter Canada Goose coat. If you go for a timeless design you're sure to find a coat you can wear the next season because it's a classic. I love a black, cotton long coat - I think they fit with everything and so are a great purchase.

There's not much I like to buy during sale because I get so overwhelmed with all the different choices, but usually I'll go for a really nice jacket. You can score a great leather jacket during sale, and it's something you'll be wearing year-round so it always fits your wardrobe!

I instantly go to the activewear section when I shop online during sale time! You can never ever have enough sportswear, and I feel like wearing a cute outfit will make me more motivated to actually get going to the gym. Also - one thing I always check is skiwear, as it's usually super expensive but if you find something great on sale it's something you'll be wearing for years to come!

What are you looking for during End of Season sales? Do you instantly go to the accessories section like lena, look at footwear like Jade, find outerwear interesting like Julie and Demi, or take advantage of the massive discounts on activewear like Ecem? Let me know in the comments!

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