Welcome to Fashiola Australia

By Nicolina Bengtsson | News | 04/02/17
Welcome to Fashiola Australia

Welcome to Fashiola Australia! For many of you, this will be your first time on the site and we are so excited to welcome you. Fashiola has been going for a few years in Europe and we are really excited to now be like in Australia. So, come on in, get to know a little bit about us and have some fun here on site.

What is Fashiola and How Does it Work?

How it All Began

Before we get into the details of how it all works, let’s start with a little explanation of how we got started. Fashiola is an international fashion search engine which was founded in 2012 in The Netherlands under the name of Kleding.nl. When it came time to open in international markets, we found that the name Fashiola was better suited.

We were growing quickly in The Netherlands and quickly became a success. The company then thought, why not spread out wings to other markets? A year after our start in The Netherlands, Fashiola.de was born. We then quickly moved on to even more markets. Spain, UK and France were next on the list, closely followed by nine more countries in 2016. Denmark snuck in just before the end of 2016 but Australia is the latest addition to the Fashiola family.

All of Our Tools!

So, let's get stuck into all of the fantastic features that we have on our site. In addition to the main feature on our site, search and filter from a variety of products from different online stores and brands, we have outlined some of Fashiola.com.au's other tools below:

Create a Profile and Save Your Favourites

On Fashiola.com.au you can easily create your own profile, upload your own photo and save your favourite items on site to your favourites. This means you can keep track of items you dream of owning, clothing that are good for an upcoming event or even simply clothes that you have to have right now.

Sale Alerts

We all like to save money right? And sometimes that perfect bag or dream pair of shoes is just a little bit out of your budget. Step in, sale alerts. When you save something to your wardrobe, you will automatically receive an email alert when that product goes on sale.  


Got a creativity itch? We have you covered there too. Our stylebook tool allows you to make entire outfits, try out new styles or simply make a collection of your favourites items. The stylebook tool is really easy to use and once you are done it couldn’t be easier to share with your friends via social media.  

Tips & Tricks

Are you looking for fashion, travel and lifestyle inspiration? Then look no further than our blog. On our blog you can find all kinds of information about the latest trends, travel hotspots or fashion tips that our editors can’t wait to share.

Fashion Search Engine

On top of all of these great features, we have the main event, the search engine. It’s the main feature on our website and is designed to help you find what you are looking for as easily as possible. Looking to get some new swimwear? Compare the styles from a number of different shops to find the best look for you. Fashiola gathers all the best brands and shops under one roof so can easily find all the best fashion in one place. If you are looking for something really specific, you can use our well organised categories and effective search filters to find your perfect item. These filters can help you search by price, colour, material, brand, shop and size.

Looking for something specific? you can use our other filters to search by price, colour, material, brand, shop, size or if you are looking for plus size or maternity options.

We are always looking to make your experience on Fashiola better so if you have questions, comments or just fancy a chat, send us a message through the contact form or find us on social media. Happy shopping!

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