How to Overcome Seasonal Depression This Winter

By Gal Dagan | Lifestyle | 16/04/19

The days are getting shorter, the sun isn’t going to come out as much, we’ll spend more time indoors as rain, wind and cold will gradually take over the weather. I don’t know about you, but every time winter comes around it seems like my winter depression returns, full force. Seasonal depression, officially called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD - yes, even the acronym is depressing) is a mood disorder a lot of people get throughout winter. Experts aren’t really sure why (perhaps it’s the disruption of our internal clock as it gets dark earlier) but they’re sure it’s real.

So how do you get over this feeling of wanting to stay in bed & netflix the day away? Do not worry any longer - I’ve put together my top tips that have proven to be effective (for me, at least).

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Here’s How to Combat Seasonal Depression

  • Make a Schedule & Stick to It

If there’s one thing that I couldn’t do without during winter, is a schedule. Even if it’s the most basic schedule of waking up, going to work, going to the gym, dinner and bed - a schedule keeps your alert and going. Especially when it’s darker outside and the sun isn’t shining, sticking to something like a schedule or a to do list keeps me focused and away from negative thoughts. A routine is the way to go during winter. Keep yourself busy and entertained, schedule gym sessions with your mates, have dinner with your parents/colleagues/friends, go to the theatre or the cinema. Get out of your house!

  • Gym it Out

I don’t have to tell you exercising has a positive effect on everything in your life - from your body to your self-esteem and your mood. Follow some workout gurus on Instagram for easy, fun and quick workouts, grab your best mate or your gym buddy and go gym it out. I promise you will feel much better after!

How to Overcome Seasonal Depression This Winter
  • Vitamin D to The Rescue

If the sun’s keeping away, there’s no shame in giving your body what it needs in an artificial form. Vitamin D tablets keep me energised through winter and honestly, I’m not sure what I would do without it. It keeps my energy level up when the sun’s not there to do the job. It’s easy, just go into your local Chemist Warehouse and ask the sales rep for a version that fits your needs.

  • Aromatherapy is Here For You

Essential oils. You might think, nah, what are you on about, this is nonsense. Well, from my own experience, I can tell you it’s real. Yes. Believe me. Or don’t, that’s fine too, but I can swear that essential oils can make a huge difference. Whether that’s a few drops of lavender oil for a better night sleep, a spray of peppermint oil in the mornings to get you up and running or diffuse rose oil around your house for a relaxed feeling. Essential oils are great for your overall body health!

How to Overcome Seasonal Depression This Winter
  • Keep Your Bedroom Light & Organised

This one might not apply to you, because everyone’s different. But for me, personally, a messy room/home means a messy head. I feel even worse when stuff is all over the place and I can’t see the floor of my bedroom, or even if my desk is full of piles with different things. Clearing my space works wonders for my mood as it gives me a feeling of calmness and makes my seasonal depression somewhat better.

Seasonal depression can be tough to fight during winter but these tips help me through the worst three months until the sun’s back and my mood and energy are lifted back to my usual level. I hope these tips can help you, too!

Let me know in the comments which one’s you’re going to try or what’s your #1 tip to overcome seasonal depression - let’s help each other through it!

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