3 father’s day present ideas that have luxury written all over them

By Gal Dagan | Lifestyle | Ads Disclosure | 23/08/19

Father’s day 2019 is coming up in just a second, and we all know fathers day present ideas are quite a pain to think about. Is it going to be yet another year of socks and a men’s magazine subscription? Hopefully not, because I’m not sure about you, but I’m tired of giving my paps the same thing every single year. This year more than ever, I want to pamper my dad with a special gift that might cost a bit more but I’m sure he’ll love.

I’m looking for something practical yet fashionable, something that will up his fashion game a bit without him opposing it (do not tell me I’m the only one?.. please?). In any case, it should be a gift to remember. I’m sure you’re struggling just as much as I am with this, so here’s my fathers day present ideas edit for this year.

My Top 3

  1. Vintage watches

  2. Leather wallets

  3. Leather bags for men

vintage watches

My favourite special fathers day present ideas

1. "What's the time?" in style: 
vintage watches

When in doubt - vintage. My family in particular is a huge vintage fan - from furniture to home and fashion accessories. It started with my mum really (shocker) but I can tell my dad has turned into just as much as a fan. There’s really then no better present than to choose one of these luxurious vintage watches. Now it can get tricky: are you going gold, silver, or completely different? My pa would probably never wear gold, so I’m sticking with silver this time around. Which one would yours prefer? Have a look at my picks below.


2. Essential refresh - leather wallet

If you’re at a real loss and you’ve got absolutely no clue what to buy (maybe because you don’t know your father’s taste that well) a safe bet is a leather wallet. Dads are always in need of a new one - I know my dad’s already torn up - and they’re usually too lazy to get themselves a new one. Kill two birds in one stone with this father’s day present!

3. Functional, dad's favourite word: leather bags for men

Always practical but most importantly - always stylish. Dads sometimes underestimate the importance of a good looking bag (mine drags around this beated jersey backpack - don’t even get me started on this one), so pick one of the leather bags for men here below for a functional gift so you can throw out that ugly backpack.

While creating this edit, I fell in love with this watch, wallet and bag. Maybe I could combine them for a super present - he’s not going to see that one coming. Or maybe I should hang on to two of them to save me from two more years of agony..?

What do you think, which one’s your favourite and should I give them all at once or one by one? I’m curious to your favourite fathers day present ideas - let me know below!

3 x Special father's day present ideas
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