Discover 2018’s Ugly Christmas Rashie Design

By Gal Dagan | Lifestyle | 11/09/18

Sun’s out, we’re out! After having spent months confined to our homes, unis, work places and indoor sports places, it’s time to get out there, enjoy the sunshine, summer sports and the time off and recharge for next year. But while we’re doing so, we must remember Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the entire world. It’s no surprise then we’re looking for every possibility to cover up but at the same time not hinder that time of the year we can relax for real. So while you’re out and about, enjoying the water, using sun protection is a must.

That’s where the Ugly Christmas Rashie comes in! Every year a new christmas rashie design is unveiled and made by one of Australia’s top sport clothing and surf brands, Scody, from the best materials that make sure you’re enjoying yourself and staying safe with maximum levels of sun protection (SPF50+ rating!).

And the best part about this initiative? Every time you buy one, you’re supporting the Cancer Council Queensland with their research funding to prevent, detect, research and treat patients.

Discover 2018’s Ugly Christmas Rashie Design

2018 Ugly Christmas Rashie Design

Each year a new design is unveiled and this year, it’s all about the KOALA! This Aussie favourite animal is all over our rashie in 2018 and I couldn’t love it more if I wanted to!

Whether you love to swim, cycle or just relax, this ugly christmas rashie is the way to do your summer sports in! Though this years’ koala is the main design, there is also a kangaroo version, a cockatoo version and a koala version with a front zip. This way you can pick your favourite one and be comfortable, stylish and very very christmassy when you spend your summer on the beach.

Of course, each design is also available for in children’s sizes for the kiddos!

Sun Protection Swimwear

We all love being outside in the sun and if you feel the rashie is a bit too out-there for you because of the colours or the busy patterns, there are plenty of other swimwear and surf clothes with a UV protection of 50+ SPF for you to choose from.

When you’re looking for UV protected swim clothes, there are several surf brands I immediately go to for their fabulous offers. My must sees include Rip Curl and Roxy. 

Check out these lovely adult UV protected swimwear and surf clothes below!

And of course, I’d never forget the little ones! Explore different cute kid’s UV protected swimwear below.

Whether you’re going for one of Cancer Council Queensland’s Ugly Christmas Rashie or you prefer one of the other surf brands that offer UV protected swimwear and surf clothing, don’t forget to protect yourself while you’re out and about this summer!

Shop the rashie for yourself or for your kids HERE.

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