5 x Summer Sleep Problems Solutions

By Jade Johnson | Lifestyle | 07/12/18

There's no doubt about it - summer is my favourite season of the year. There's nothing better than having some time off, laying in the sun in your bikini or swimsuit all day long, going on late summer dinner dates and simply relaxing after a stressful year. Though I fully enjoy this wonderful weather we're having, I'm already preparing myself and my room for future sleep problems: the real summer will hit and it will get all sweaty, sticky, and overall, maybe just a tad too hot. When these high temperatures arrive and there is no energy to do anything that doesn't involve water or my bikini, it also gets too hot to sleep. So, I'm sharing my 5 best tips on how to get to sleep when all you can do is only breath.

5 Tips to get your summer sleep on

  1. Use your fan wisely
  2. Keep your house cool
  3. Adjusted sleepwear
  4. Cool down your bed
  5. Don't eat too late
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Sleep solutions for your summer sleep

There are a bunch of different tips that you'll come across on the internet, some may work and some may not. While reading through my list, you can rest assured you're guaranteed tips that will actually work! How do I know, you may ask? Well, I've been using them for several years and with each year I get more and more confident I'll get my sweet sleep even when I think I won't. I've mastered these sleep solutions, and I hope you will too!

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Tip 1: Use Your Fan Wisely

You will be your fan's biggest fan (pun intended) this summer. If you don't have a small one in your room because you think, 'oh well, I've got my airco and that'll do...' oh boy, how wrong are you. Granted, I'm one of those people that doesn't like to sleep with my airco on so that makes a difference for sure, but I can guarantee a small fan and a container with cold water will change the game.

Simply place the fan in a strategic place in your room (I usually put it on my make-up table) and in front of it the ice cold water container. Now, make sure that the fan is not actually directed at you (you do not want to get a cold in the middle of summer) but towards the room in general. This way, the fan will cool the air around the room and will bring down temperatures evenly, making it that much easier to get over your sleep problems. 

Tip 2: Keep Your House Cool

The best way to fight sleep problems is by keeping the entire house cool. During the hottest parts of the day, keep windows shut and preferably curtains closed too. Once the evening comes and a little breeze is present you can open up your windows just a tiny little bit. Throughout the day keep your airco on, and an hour or so before you plan on sleeping bring you airco down a temperature or two. Then, when you get into bed, the room has truly cooled down and you can turn the airco off and turn the fan on.

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Tip 3: Adjusted Sleepwear

Another great how to get to sleep answer is adjusting your sleepwear. Now of course the easiest way to sleep is naked, but I can imagine not everyone is the most enthusiastic about this (myself included). So, sleepwear that breaths is your best mate in summer. Cotton is your go-to, satin and any other sweaty materials are banned. Opt for a pair of shorts and a cami top or go with a nightdress instead.

Here are my favourite sleepwear items for when it gets too hot to sleep:

Tip 4: Cool down your bed

The majority of people with sleep problems never really do actually think about the bed. Of course it's obvious you won't sleep with a thick winter blanket, but there are other measures you could take as part of your sleep solutions regime. You can put your sheets in the freezer for half an hour or so before you go to sleep and have wonderfully ice-cold sheets by the time you're ready to go to bed. Another option is to use a hot water bottle, but now put in ice water. Put the bottle by your feet and voila, your feet will not get hot any longer. Lastly, you could also take a regular water bottle with you that has been in the freezer for the duration of the day, wrap it with a towel and put it under your neck; your body will cool down so fast you won't believe it!

5 x Summer Sleep Problems Solutions

Tip 5: Don't Eat Too Late

Last tip from me to avoid sleep problems is with regards to your dinner. Though we love to eat dinner in summer as late as possible, actually eating your dinner around 4PM-ish will give your body enough time to digest the food and cool down again. And if you're really not feeling a big meal, small portions throughout the day have been proven to be healthier during a heat wave. 

My favourite items to wear when it gets so extremely hot

Hopefully you can make use of these sleep solutions and you'll know how to get to sleep when summer hits. On very rare occasions even these tips might not be 100% effective, but then it's just too hot to sleep and you should accept it as it is and try to (somehow) enjoy it.

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