Influencer: Michelle Jades

By Gal Dagan | Interview | 08/04/19

Brides-to-be gather around - you will not want to miss this one! I was scrolling away on Instagram as per usual looking for the next lovely babe to feature on Fashiola when I stumbled upon Michelle Jade's feed, and especially her Positano (Italy) wedding images made me crave the Italian coast right away. Isn't it every girl's dream to have a gorgeous wedding? Well, this brides' pictures will definitely give you drop-everything-you're-planning-and-rush-to-Italy-to-get-married vibes.

Meet Michelle Jade: Brisbane native loving the beach, travelling and all things fashion. She started her Instagram as a way to document all of her trips and it kind of turned into a way to document her life. She loves creating beautiful content and working with brands. Aside from her personal insta, she also helps small online businesses with content and their online presence. A boss babe!

Influencer: Michelle Jades

Fashiola x Michelle Jade

How would you describe your personal style?

I feel I don't have one particular style, I do love to wear linen and denim for more of an effortless day to day look. But when I am going out to an event or dinner I love to be more glam and sophisticated and feel it is better to over dress. 

What has been your proudest moment in life so far?

My proudest moment in life would be organising my wedding in Italy and more so convincing my mum that it would be stress free. 

Influencer: Michelle Jades

Who are your top 3 fashion icons?

My top 3 fashion icons are: Nathalie kelley -from Dynasty, Marianna Hewitt and Leonie Hanne.

What is the ultimate tip you can give brides dreaming of a destination wedding?

I actually have two ultimate tips. 1. Do your research (I read 100s of discussion forums). 2. Give your guests plenty of notice and do not be upset if some can not make it.

Influencer: Michelle Jades

How would you like your 2019 to look like?

In 2019 I am focusing on my career and building my brand, as well as a few trips to break it up. New York is currently in the works. 

Follow Michelle Jade on her Instagram for more gorgeous images and the opportunity to ask her anything you need about getaway weddings!

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